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Too much snow and cold?

Maintenance-free lifestyle at Cedar Crest wins out over winter worries

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November 22nd, 2011

Ron and Nancy Paliaga and Carol Rafferty don t know each other, but they have something in common. They both decided to ditch their houses for a low-maintenance home at Cedar Crest during the winter of 2010/2011. The winter clinched it for us, Nancy says. It was too much snow, too cold, and we didn t want to deal with all the burdens of home ownership. The Paliagas had been on the community s priority list for a few years. They were comfortable with the Erickson Living community in Pompton Plains, N.J., and knew it was finally time to make the move. They moved into their two-bedroom apartment home on June 2, 2011. In the same vein, Carol Rafferty had been on Cedar Crest s priority list for a few years. It had been on my mind, she says. But she found she didn t want to face another winter in her house. Last winter was particularly bad, particularly for someone with a bad back living alone. I figured I d better get serious about it before this coming winter, says Carol, who moved in on August 17, 2011.

No task too big

When more than 600,000 New Jersey homeowners lost power in a fluke October snowstorm, Nancy, Ron, and Carol were warm and cozy in their community with power. They didn t have to shovel snow, worry about broken heaters, or spread salt on their walkways. In fact, they never even had to go outside: climate-controlled walkways connect every building. As the area possibly faces an even worse winter, the three are glad they didn t put off moving for another minute. Sales Director Ray Guarino says many people on Cedar Crest s priority list put off moving until warmer months, but they often regret not moving sooner. They go through another terrible winter without power or they slip and fall on ice when they could have avoided all those troubles by moving sooner, Guarino says.

Smooth transition

Before moving to Cedar Crest, Carol met with Sales Counselor Ruth Phillips. Phillips found a three-bedroom apartment home that would allow Carol to incorporate a similar open floor plan as her old house. They decided to knock out the wall between the third bedroom and the kitchen to create an open living area. I was able to replicate a lot of my house in the apartment, which makes it feel just like home, Carol says. Additionally, she had her walls painted the same colors as in her house. She loves the yellow of her bedroom and den. And cheerful green and persimmon colors accent her beige living room. Carol brought most of her furniture, drapes, and d cor, but she had help in that department too. Margaret Semezko, Cedar Crest s personal moving consultant, visited Carol in her house and plotted out her new floor plan, placing furniture so Carol would know what her new apartment would look like before she even moved in. Additionally, the plan helped her decide what to take and what to toss. Now just four months later, pictures are hung, furniture s arranged, and it s warmed up, Carol says. It s actually very similar to my house. Ron and Nancy didn t remodel their new apartment home, like Carol, but they still feel right at home thanks to their new friends and activities. We swim in the pool every day. We re part of the hiking club. And we love going to dinner at the four restaurants and meeting everybody, says Nancy. When they re not making new friends, Ron and Nancy enjoy hanging out in their bright, cheery home. With three large windows overlooking the courtyard; a playroom with computer, desk, and TV; and a large entertainment center in their living room, they can read, research, or relax any time. It felt right for me from the beginning, Nancy says. I think I was really ready.