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Continuing the life she loves

Traveler and musician finds home in Overland Park community

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December 20th, 2011

Joy Fletcher is no stranger to moving. In fact, she s moved about 20 times over the course of her life. Last year, Joy decided to make one more move. She sold her house in Olathe, Kans., and moved to Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living community in Overland Park. Tallgrass Creek gives Joy the opportunity to continue living the active and adventurous lifestyle she loves.

Life filled with adventure

Joy s late husband worked for Armco Steel, and his job took the family all over the world. Joy has lived as near as Olathe; Marshall, Mo.; and Middleton, Ohio, and as far away as Brazil, Mexico, and Uruguay. Joy views the time she spent living in Latin America as a great adventure. It was sort of a dream I had when I was younger, she says. You wish you could live somewhere different or speak different languages, and that all happened for me. While she and her husband trotted the globe, Joy gave birth to three sons, and the couple adopted two daughters. During her time abroad, Joy learned to speak some Spanish and some Portuguese. She taught first and second grades at American schools in both Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Uruguay. My opportunity to get to teach was wonderful, she says. One of Joy s other passions has always been music. Before she was even five years old, she heard a violin playing in an orchestra and was immediately drawn to the instrument. Her parents wanted her to study the piano first, but at age 15 she started playing the violin. Playing for her high school s orchestra, she met the man who would become her husband. For many years, the couple shared their love of music by performing in orchestras together, both in the U.S. and in Latin America.

The adventure continues

At Tallgrass Creek, Joy has found plenty of new adventures and time for her old pastimes. She has a garden lot in the communal garden where she grows tomatoes and flowers. She also takes full advantage of the opportunities at Tallgrass Creek to stay physically fit. In nice weather, she walks outside on the community s scenic grounds; when it turns cold, she brings her workouts indoors to the on-site fitness and aquatics center. I am happy here, Joy says. I would recommend this place to anyone. Joy has also been able to continue her love for music. She joined the community s choir and she plays violin in the orchestra at a nearby church. The nice thing about being here at Tallgrass Creek is that I ve been able to pursue both of the things I love to sing and to be in the orchestra. Last fall, Joy also had the opportunity to share her violin music with her friends and neighbors at Tallgrass Creek. The community hosted an evening of music and poetry. Some residents read poems, others sang, and Joy played her violin. One of Joy s favorite things about living at Tallgrass Creek has been getting to know her neighbors. She says meeting people is easy because residents have the opportunity to dine with different people each night at the community s on-site restaurant. The people here are so wonderful; I haven t met anybody I don t like, Joy says. They are all talented and have wonderful stories to tell.