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Is it too late to date?

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December 20th, 2011

One of my TV shows was titled Never Too Late and I really believe in that philosophy, including when it comes to single seniors and dating. I know there are some who have lost a partner and then say I m too old to date; that s something only young people do. And it can be more difficult for women as there are fewer available men. But no matter how old you are, there are reasons to remain open to the idea of dating.

Embracing the possibility

The most important reason, to my way of thinking, is that it gives you something to look forward to. You certainly shouldn t put all your eggs into this one basket, so I suggest you have other interests and hobbies, and go out with friends and family. But just knowing that perhaps finding someone to love is still a possibility will make you feel more alive. Older people may have body image issues, and just having people of the opposite sex interested in you, even if it s someone you wouldn t want to spend time with, will help alleviate those feelings to some degree. Plus it will also give you more incentive to stay in shape, which is important to your overall health. Would you hesitate to date because your children (and grandchildren) might give you a hard time? Don t listen to them. They certainly don t have veto power, and, in the end, if you do go out on dates, you ll see they ll have more respect for you. Perhaps you also want to avoid encountering defeat. To that I offer you the turtle. If a turtle stays in its shell, it s safe. But who wants to live like that? Like the turtle, you have to take chances. Taking risks is part of what makes life worth living. I can t guarantee you that if you re single you ll find a new partner out of this venture or should I say adventure but if you want 2012 to be memorable, add dating to your list of New Year s resolutions.