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Teacher embraces life at Brooksby

‘I will never shovel another driveway’

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December 20th, 2011

Marjorie Jobrack keeps trying to retire, but she couldn t resist her latest job offer. How many 81-year-old women are going to be offered a job? I d better take it, she remembers thinking of the position: working in the child care room at the Torigian Family YMCA. With more than three decades of experience as a preschool teacher, Marjorie was well qualified. Three days a week, Marjorie calls upon her teaching experience and innate compassion to care for the children in the YMCA s babysitting room. Many of the parents bringing their children to the YMCA were once Marjorie s students; she taught previously at the YMCA and the North Suburban Jewish Community Center and Early Childhood Program, in Peabody, Mass. I m working with very young people, which keeps me young, she says. When she returns to her apartment home at Brooksby, an Erickson Living community in Peabody, after work, she is among friends in similar circumstances. Here, it s being at home.

Too much to ' keep up with

Marjorie moved to Brooksby last summer from nearby Lynnfield, Mass. She was living alone after her husband died. My house just got away from me. It became too much for me to keep up with, she says. After last winter s numerous snowstorms, Marjorie vowed, I will never shovel another driveway. Marjorie began making trips to visit Brooksby, often after a day of work, seeing for herself what the community had to offer. She liked what she saw and the community s concept, and so began the moving process with the help of Brooksby s moving and realty resources and her two sons and their families. Personal Moving Consultant Ellen Meehan visited Marjorie s house to determine how her furniture would fit in the one-bedroom apartment home she chose. Ellen and Jane were great, Marjorie says of Meehan and Brooksby Sales Counselor Jane McIntire. Marjorie s children, who live in Vermont and Virginia, were also an instrumental part of the process. I would still be packing if it weren t for them, she says. Marjorie used Brooksby-recommended real estate resources when selling her piano and on moving day. She also worked with Brooksby s Custom Interiors to take down the wall between her kitchen and dining room, opening the space. Today, when she is home from work, Marjorie often sits at her dining room table, which she calls her control center, tackling crossword puzzles and paperwork. Like many people who live at Brooksby and take advantage of the one meal a day included in the monthly service package, Marjorie has found little use for her stove, other than for boiling water. I don t even have to go shopping once a week. The food is great, she says of Brooksby s restaurant options. She says she appreciates the convenience, especially the days I work when I don t have to worry about what to cook.

Back to school

When invited back to her house of 45 years after moving to Brooksby, Marjorie expected an emotional response. Surprisingly, she felt very little. I thought I d be affected more deeply, she says. At Brooksby she enjoys her independence and active lifestyle. Nothing is pushing me, she says. I don t have to do anything I don t want to do. Brooksby is comfortable, common ground for Marjorie. It s a campus, she says. It s like going back to school. At times you re meeting new people, you re familiarizing yourself with new things.