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A ‘different kind of life’

Well-traveled couple enjoys Linden Ponds’ active lifestyle

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January 24th, 2012

Along the top of a towering bookcase, a collection of antique coffee pots from around the world catches the light in Jacob and Judith Shorr s Linden Ponds apartment home. Their walls map the couple s travels, displaying photographs and artwork from far and wide. The Shorrs, who originally hail from Israel, also brought their talents to Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass. Jacob, a chemist with a penchant for photography, has become a fixture in the community s television studio on both sides of the camera. Judith, a professional jewelry artist with knitting know-how, has parlayed her talent into charitable work. There are many, many clubs here not a lack of things to do, Judith says. It s a different kind of life.

Uplifting change, new endeavors

The Shorrs were living in Lexington, Mass., when they began planning for their future and visiting retirement communities. They were sold on Linden Ponds when they saw the apartment that would become theirs and its magnificent view, Jacob says. It s very uplifting when you come here, Judith adds, referring to the landscape and their view of the treetops and pond. Three years since their move and in better health, the Shorrs have settled into new and old hobbies. Jacob says he became involved with Linden Ponds television station, TV6, by accident. One night at dinner he was seated with some station volunteers, who invited him to participate. He began as a cameraman, but he noticed a gap in programming and proposed a short program, now known as What s New in Science. Jacob co-hosts the live program with fellow neighbor and scientist Jean Whelan, an oceanographer emeritus at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Each Monday morning Jacob and Jean spend a half hour discussing various scientific topics related to their respective expertise. As a chemist in Jerusalem and later in the U.S., Jacob focused much of his work on water purification. He keeps up with this and other interests by scouring scientific journals each week. Jacob and Jean s program has been running for the past year. When asked about its popularity, Jacob jokes, Nobody has thrown tomatoes at us when we walk down the corridor.

Artistic talents

Both Jacob and Judith have shared their creative talents with their community. A skilled photographer and member of Linden Ponds photography club, Jacob showed his work at Linden Ponds last year in a shared exhibit with fellow photographer Raymond Wolfe. Jacob displayed mostly landscape photos from travels taken with his wife. Judith exhibited her own work at one of Linden Ponds annual craft fairs. Judith s one-of-a-kind gold and silver jewelry is the product of years of experience. Judith taught her craft at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum School for 30 years and had her own studio in her Lexington home. She brought much of that studio with her to Linden Ponds, where a section of one bedroom in the Shorrs two-bedroom apartment home is populated with metal jewelry-making tools. Among her most prized works is a peacock-inspired silver piece with opal adornments. Today, Judith assembles necklaces from beads and participates in a knitting group at Linden Ponds, making prayer shawls for people living at Renaissance Gardens, Linden Ponds extended care neighborhood. Together the Shorrs attend concerts and other performances hosted at the community, often featuring their own neighbors. There is a lot of talent here, Judith says.