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Adjusting your Facebook privacy settings

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January 24th, 2012

Over 800 million people worldwide are using Facebook and half of them log in each and every day to view status updates from their network of friends and family. However, due to the controversy and bad press Facebook has received regarding privacy concerns, many people are hesitant to create an account. This lack of confidence with privacy settings has scared away many new users, but whether you are still considering Facebook or are a well-seasoned user, you do have complete control of your privacy settings.

Your default sharing settings

Facebook has made several adjustments to privacy settings. The intention was to make it easier to control privacy settings, but along with those changes came default recommended settings that both new and existing users should consider adjusting. One of the most noted changes was who can see the status updates. By default, the setting has been set to PUBLIC, meaning anyone outside of your network of friends can see what you share. To adjust it, log in to Facebook and follow these instructions: Click the down arrow icon at the top right of your Facebook page to the right side of your name and the HOME link. Next, click Privacy Settings. On the next page, about halfway down the page you will see Control Your Default Privacy. If you only want people who you are friends with to see your posts, change this to FRIENDS. If you want to have even more control of who can see your posts, you can choose CUSTOM. Custom privacy allows you to choose who can and cannot see your posts by creating specific lists or excluding people or lists.

Controlling who can see what you share

Facebook adjusted privacy settings even further by allowing you to selectively choose who can see your posts and photos on a per-post basis. This means that regardless of how you set your default settings, when you create a new status update or share a photo, you can choose from the online audience selector next to the POST button and choose specific lists or groups for whom you would like to share your content with.

Controlling who can find you

Under the Privacy Settings screen, you also have complete control over who can look up your profile, send you friend requests, post on your wall, send you messages, and more. You can even control who can and cannot see your friends posts on your wall. To do so, follow the instructions above to navigate to the Privacy Settings page. From there, click Edit Settings next to How You Connect. For more information on Facebook privacy, visit