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Calling all pet lovers!

Dog trainer reignites Pompton Plains pet club

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January 24th, 2012

Adele Goodrich has trained German shepherds since 1961. While some of her neighbors at Cedar Crest the Erickson Living community in Pompton Plains, N.J., where she lives may consider her a dog whisperer, she s been anything but quiet in the community. After living there just three months, Adele drummed up interest in a new pet lovers club. Along with active neighbor Paula Longo, who has lived at the community with her husband and their pet chihuahua for several years, Adele started an informational and social group for neighbors and their pets.

Club goals

Cedar Crest allows dogs and cats, with certain regulations to help pet owners be sensitive to their fellow neighbors who don t have pets. The club aims to help enforce those regulations and provide an outlet for pet owners and their dogs to enjoy each other s company. Erica Zayat, community resources manager and pet club representative, says of the regulations: Residents may have a pet as long as he or she can take care of it. The only basic rules are that they aren t supposed to bring the pets through the community buildings. They are supposed to walk to the door closest to the outside from their apartment home. Adele and Paula help reinforce these rules in a letter to pet club members: Cedar Crest will allow us the privilege of having our dogs if we meet with their requirements, which are to clean up after our pets, and if you have to bring them into the clubhouses please keep them off the furniture, as other residents may be allergic to their hair. Though pets are limited to playing in apartments or outside in designated areas, the community s on-site dog park provides ample social and exercise space for dogs to romp and roam. However, most pet owners avoid going outside much in winter. With glass-enclosed walkways connecting every building, they rarely have to. During the winter months, Adele hopes to help pet owners navigate any common problems they may have with their cat or dog. Maybe together we can provide tips, she said at the November 2011 meeting. Additionally, the club aims to help members care for each other s pets when needed. Adele does this already. She takes care of dogs during an owner s absence, and she will help train problem dogs, Paula says of Adele. Adele says she truly enjoys being part of a community with pets. I ve always loved dogs, she says.

Pet pals

As of December, the club has 12 human members, including both dog and cat owners: Paula and Adele, Valerie Lucas, Emma Tedesco, Irma Cohn, D.J. Taylor, Tassie Livingston, Margaret Rome, Lois Engelbrecht, Doris Anzalone, Teresa Collins, and Sigrid Mroczek. Combined, they own five cats and nine dogs. The club meets on the second Friday of every month at 10 a.m. in the Village Square private dining room. All residents interested in joining may attend the next meeting on January 13 or contact Adele Goodrich at 973-835-0586 or Paula Longo at 973-616-2983. If Adele doesn t answer, she s probably out walking Zoey and friends.