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Choosing the right real estate broker

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January 24th, 2012

There are many ideas out there about how to choose the right team when it comes to the ever-important decision of selling your house. After helping over 700 people move to an Erickson Living community in the last four and a half years, I have learned a few things I want to share with you as you contemplate this important choice.

I have broken it down into three simple categories:

1. Look for experience. With all due respect to newbie brokers (we were all there at one time), you don t have time to be someone s training ground. Your house is one of your largest assets, and you want to be sure the project of selling it is handled with the care and professionalism only an experienced broker can provide. Look for those familiar names on yard signs or in newspaper ads. Call prospective brokers and ask how long they ve been doing business. When they come to visit you, ask to see their track record. The best brokers know their stuff and are happy to share their strengths and admit their weaknesses.

2. Ask for references. No matter how long they ve been around, it's good to find out from someone who has used them in the past how they were to work with. Were they concise and efficient or more casual about their business? Were they responsive to questions and concerns? Did they sell other houses as quickly and for as much as clients expected?

3. Test the chemistry. All the research in the world to find the best broker is meaningless if you don't personally trust or enjoy working with your broker. Have them come to your home and see how they interact with you. Are they pleasant and understanding or brusque and rushed? Do they listen to you or spend all their time talking about themselves? You don't need to be best friends to work with them, but you do want them to treat you respectfully.

The bottom line: It's your choice to make! And you can always contact your local personal moving consultant at an Erickson Living community for advice and a personal referral on the best real estate team for you.