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Hitting the slopes

Wind Crest resident lives for skiing

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January 24th, 2012

Wade Biggs has never strayed far from the mountains. After all, that s where his love is, second only to his first love, wife Nancy. Wade skis and hits the mountains surrounding Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Denver, Colo., at least twice a week whenever there s sufficient snowfall. With the Highline Canal practically in his backyard, Wade straps on his skis, grabs his poles, and heads to the canal at every snowfall.

There s enough mountain for everyone

The sound the skis make as they slice through snow is only one thing Wade loves about the sport. Like all torrid affairs, Wade remembers the moment he fell in love December 24, 1982. And though he s learned it all alpine and cross-country he prefers backcountry skiing, a more rustic version of the sport. You park your car, you head up the mountain, and you stroll in the woods with your skis on but you can always make it more of a mountain climb too, Wade says. Along with skiing on his own both around Wind Crest s campus and in the surrounding mountains, Wade takes others out to experience the crisp air against their cheeks, the burn in their thighs. He and Nancy started a ski group with their church in 1993. Wade also belongs to the Colorado Mountain Club, where he taught in the Cross-Country Ski School. He credits his expertise in the sport with this time of teaching. He also coordinates weekly easy-to-moderate skiing tours throughout winter. Open to anyone, Wade encourages his neighbors to join him. One thing is for certain, dust never collects on Wade Biggs ski equipment.

Wind Crest s impact on health

Aside from taking advantage of freshly fallen white powder, Wade trains daily at Wind Crest. I credit being at Wind Crest with getting into top shape this year, says Wade, who moved to the community in August 2011. Wade truly appreciates the active community. When he s not at the fitness center or using the indoor swimming pool six days a week, he s stretching his body at yoga class or at home, where he s developed a daily 30-minute regimen. Stretching helps to tone and strengthen the muscles and also keep them supple, he says. Wade has learned a lot over the years from physical therapy, books, magazines, and personal trainers like Wind Crest s own Kristy Hebert, Melanie Land, and Allyson Schmidt. If there s one thing I can stress, it s that people need to stretch more, he says. Keeping his body both active and flexible helps with everyday movement as well as when he s shooting down the slopes.