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Don’t over-spoil your grandchildren!

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February 21st, 2012

There are some issues regarding child rearing that grandparents and great-grandparents need to stay away from. Bed time? None of your business. What they eat? Only when they re with you. Homework? Only if you ve got special expertise in a subject. But when it comes to spoiling through gift-giving, I side with those who like to give even if the parents don t fully appreciate it.

A balancing act

Now you shouldn t give candy right before dinner time if the parent objects. But as an older person you may not be physically able to do all the things that parents can, like run alongside while he learns to ride a bike or bend over to push her on a swing. So gift-giving is an important way of making a connection with children. That s why grandparents have been doing this forever. The time you get to spend with a grandchild is very important to you, and if gift-giving helps oil the gears so that the child is more willing to spend time with you, so be it. If the parents raise a big fuss over your tendency to spoil, then you have to back down. Or you could sneak a gift in occasionally when they re not looking, letting it be your little secret. I know, I know, that runs counter to what a lot of people think. But seeing the smile on a little one s face is worth far more than the gift itself, and you paid your dues raising one of the child s parents, so you should get a little leeway. Parents these days are so busy, they may not even pay much attention to what you re doing, so use that to your advantage and give in to the urge to create a little pleasure for you and your grandchild.