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Extreme makeover: Greenspring edition

Community celebrates ten years with a facelift

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February 21st, 2012

Flat screen televisions, fresh paint, new furniture, and carpet, oh my! Over the last 12 months, as Greenspring, the Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., celebrated its ten-year anniversary, Project Manager Skip Joyner and his dedicated general services team completed an astounding 150 campus-wide improvement and renovation project. The result: a fresh look for the already stunning community. It s been so much fun seeing all new changes, says Frances Huenemann, who has lived at Greenspring since 2001. It s clear that the staff is doing their best to keep us in good spirits. I am very pleased with Erickson Living in every way.

Doing their research

Our general services and the project management teams assess the entire campus annually (top to bottom, inside and out) in late March and April and generate project lists for the following year, says Joyner. Our goal is to keep the campus safe and looking fresh. It is important to us to maintain resident satisfaction. Many of the projects Joyner and his team perform are updates such as new wall coverings, furniture upholstery, and carpet. Projects executed to maintain safety include pavement markings, concrete repairs, and signage upgrades. Other projects, such as parking deck crack repairs, new paving as needed, handrail painting, teak wood sealing, painting of cooling tower trellises, retaining wall inspections, and related repairs, protect and prolong the facilities and fixtures.

Wish list

In addition to the projects identified by Joyner s team, other projects were added to the to-do list through resident requests. We always listen to what the residents tell us, says Joyner. When planning for the year we take special care to include projects that are important and requested by our community members. Most recent resident-requested projects include classroom upgrades, a shed for the yacht club; cleaning and sealing of the teak furniture; crosswalk painting; new double yellow pavement lines; automatic doors in the chapel; and concrete repairs to fix cracks and uneven joint conditions in sidewalks, curbs, and ramps. The staff has been wonderful responding to our requests, says JoAnne Toller, who has lived at Greenspring for the last ten years. I like all of the renovations that have taken place. It all looks so nice, and that s important. One thing I really appreciate is the fact that all of this work takes place without impacting our lives in any way. The staff is very conscientious not to disturb us with their work. Frances agrees. It s amazing to me that so many things are happening, yet I don t see it happening. One day it s just done, she says.

Crown jewel

Most notably, the crew completely redesigned and renovated the on-campus medical center. The center remained open to residents throughout the project with the help of careful planning and a phased project. It s beautiful, says Frances. I was there just the other day for a routine checkup and was very pleased with what I saw. The waiting room is larger, and there is lots of light. There are also more exam rooms. I am very happy with it. Naturally, on a campus as large as Greenspring, there are always projects to keep us very busy, says Joyner. But we enjoy what we do, and the residents appreciate us enough to give us their feedback and comments, so that keeps us moving forward. When one project is complete we are ready for the next!