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Stage your bathroom to impress buyers

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March 20th, 2012

Personal Moving Consultant Did you know bathrooms can either help sell a house or actually break the sale? Your bathrooms need to look as up-to-date as you can afford, with as much luxury as you can manage. Try these tips: Buy new towels. If you purchase only one thing when it s time to stage your house, make it bath towels. Women are the decision-makers in most home purchases and can spot a towel that s been around for awhile. Make sure the towels are plush; white fluffy ones are my choice. But if your bathroom is all white, towels with colored accents or trim will add pizazz. Try places like Home Goods and T.J. Maxx and buy sets, not singles. Paint with clear colors. Choose pale blues and greens that don t have any warm or muddy undertones. The cleaner the look, the better. Hide the ordinary toiletries. The more you can make your bathroom look like it s part of a suite in a luxury resort, the better. That means only pretty stuff gets displayed, and grooming and medicinal essentials get tucked out of sight. Replace non-white toilets and sinks. Most house hunters will think twice about making an offer on a house with green or pink toilets and sinks. The cost of a new toilet including new seat, tank kit, and wax ring can be under $200. You ll also find economical options for new bathroom sinks, vanities, and vanity tops, or pedestal sinks at home improvement centers. And a single lever faucet is easier to clean. Add bling and texture. For the gleam they add, updated faucets also give excellent return on your investment. If you are marketing your house as a period piece an authentic Craftsman or Colonial, for example you ll want to follow through with the appropriate metal style in your bathrooms. That could mean oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, or hammered nickel. If possible, all hardware should match, including shower head and spout, door hinges, toilet paper holder, and towel bars or rings. Since bathrooms can feel sterile, add something soft, like textiles. If there s a window, dress it with a fabric. A padded or quilted matellas shower curtain adds softness and is classic and spa-like. Maintain the room. Once your bathroom is staged, the challenge will be keeping it tidy. Sanitizing wipes in the vanity is a given for quick sink, toilet, and counter cleanups.