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‘The bed was even made’

Maryland couple’s move a breeze with expert help

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April 24th, 2012

After enlisting the help of Realty and Moving Services, Jane and Stan Doore moved from just a few minutes away to ., the Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, Md. The process went smoothly because once they made the decision to move, it took just two months and one open house for them and their team of professionals to sell their house. Jane and Stan chose a real estate agent from Erickson Realty and Moving Services list of recommended vendors, who guided the repainting, re-carpeting, and kitchen remodeling to get the house ready for sale. Next, the couple chose movers from the list Let s Move and say they were ecstatic with the results. By using a miniature model of their new apartment home, laid out by Riderwood Personal Moving Consultant Kimberly Schoeberlein, the movers were able to place all of the furniture exactly where it was supposed to go in Jane and Stan s new home.

Everything in place

The Doores didn t have to lift a finger to make themselves comfortable in their new home. The movers also unpacked all of their boxes while the couple stayed overnight in one of Riderwood s guest apartments. By the next afternoon, they walked through the door to their new home and everything was in its place, Jane says. The spatulas were put in the right drawer, and the bed was even made, she says. The Doores chose the plan for a few reasons. Light was important to them, and the Jackson is a corner unit, with natural light coming in on all sides. And the views overlook the Riderwood campus and chapel, which is important to them. Perhaps most important, the second bedroom serves as Stan s office. Though he s retired, he continues to work in areas that interest him namely, education for children and transportation. Another plus, Jane can still entertain friends and family proudly. We couldn t be happier, she says.