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The right tool for retirement planning

Q & A with retirement expert at Linden Ponds

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April 24th, 2012

Sales Counselor Cathleen Gray has worked for Erickson Living since 2006, helping retirees research the Erickson Living lifestyle at Linden Ponds, in Hingham, Mass. Here, she explains the priority list, which is prospective residents most vital retirement tool. Q: What is the priority list? A: The priority list is primarily a waiting list that enables our customers to get the apartment style they want when they are ready to make the move to Linden Ponds. The idea behind the priority list is to enable people to make plans to move to an Erickson Living community within the timeframe they have set for themselves. This list becomes even more important as the community reaches full capacity and there are fewer available apartment homes to move into. Prospects on the priority list are called, in date list order, as apartments become available. The priority list is especially important at Linden Ponds now because we re really limited on inventory. We re about 90% occupied of the 988 apartments, fewer than 100 are left and what is left is limited. Priority list date matters now more than ever. Q: Are there other benefits to being on the priority list? A: Although it is a waiting list, it also allows members to come and experience the community and enjoy a complimentary guest suite stay. We have events that are specially designed for the priority list; it s a nice way for people on the list to come and meet each other and the people who live here. For some, it takes that extra step to see if the community is what they re looking for. List members also receive development news, inventory news, and any incentives or special pricing that we might be offering. We try to make it interesting and beneficial for those who really want to make the move. Priority list members also have access to my sales team, including Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford. Her services are complimentary, and she visits priority list members in their homes to create a floor plan layout for their new home at Linden Ponds. She also has access to trusted real estate agents, downsizers, staging and planning professionals, and cleanout specialists all experienced professionals who can help with all those tasks that can be so overwhelming during the selling and moving process. Q: How are people added to the list? A: They come in and meet with me, then fill out an application, and pay a $1,000 refundable deposit. If they decide Linden Ponds is not for them, they receive a full refund on their deposit. But while on the priority list, they can get involved with the community and experience first-hand all of the benefits and amenities of living at Linden Ponds. Q: How do people benefit from being on the priority list? A: I have a couple I m working with right now, actually, who have been on the priority list for years. He has a physical health issue, and they live in a big house where his mobility was starting to become a problem. An apartment style they had been waiting for became available, and they absolutely jumped at the opportunity. By and large, people move here to enjoy the many health and wellness opportunities this type of lifestyle offers. However, should a health issue arise, we have the full range of medical care right on-site. Q: What about people who aren t planning to move for at least a few years? A: Whether people are planning a move in 6 to 12 months or five to six years, I advise them to join the priority list now. Circumstances and needs can change on a dime, and many times that happens without warning, so it s always good to have a plan in place. I stay in touch with priority list members to discuss new and exciting happenings in the community as well as availability because we will soon be at full capacity, and priority list members will need updated information, advice, and assistance with their planned move. It is my job to provide that on an ongoing basis. Q: Do you have any other advice to share? A: It s more important than ever to get on the priority list now because we are on track to be sold out by the end of this year. So, if this is something you re really considering for your future, you have nothing to lose by joining the list and certainly everything to gain. You will have secured your place in line.