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Welcoming homes display possibilities, personalities

TV show highlights people’s homes, decorating interests

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April 24th, 2012

After a quick knock-knock by the show s host, the door swings open, and its owners proclaim, Welcome to our home! The television host and crew follow to get a glimpse of life for people who call Linden Ponds home, each in their own unique space. Every episode begins with a short sit-down discussion with residents before a tour of their apartment home and its treasures. For more than five years, people living at Linden Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass., have tuned into the TV6 show, Welcome to My Home, produced by Janice White, who also lives in the community. Tours typically include highlights of collectibles and pieces with particular meaning to each resident. Janice says her original intent when developing the show, shortly after her own move to Linden Ponds in 2006, wasn t just to show people s talent in decorating, but also to demonstrate what was possible among the various apartment home styles and customizations. The idea was to be helpful, she says.

Customizable fit

Linden Ponds apartment homes come in more than 30 styles with various layouts. Those considering a move to the community receive a home visit from Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford, who arrives with floor plans and extensive knowledge of furniture placement options for each apartment layout. Janice is one of many who also used the services of Erin Yunits in Custom Interiors at Linden Ponds to personalize her home by choosing a number of upgrades for her new two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. I kind of went wild, she says of the various upgrades and customizations she chose, including new birch cabinets, tile floors in the entryway and bathrooms, new carpets, and a new refrigerator. These people are there to help, Janice adds of Ford and Yunits and their support. Knowing the different personalities of each apartment and the individuals who live there, Janice began planning for the show with her friend and fellow Linden Ponds resident Marion Campanelli, who became one of the show s first hosts. At the time TV6 was still in its infancy, but the idea took off and the 20-minute program became a hit. Nearly 30 episodes have aired. Every apartment is interesting because everybody brings their own talents to decorating their home, Marion says. No two [apartments] are alike; they re all different from each other. Adds Janice, I think we were all kind of voyeurs in a way, seeing what someone else has done with their apartment. It s really fascinating.

Neighbors meet

Just as each apartment home is unique, interviews with the homeowners give viewers the chance to meet neighbors they might not otherwise know, particularly as the community grows. Having the interview in the home and showing the home that the person has is very telling; it s very intimate, Janice says. Marion and other hosts, including Bernie MacPherson, ask questions about the background of those who live in each apartment details that become telling when viewing the items inside. The show has also relied upon the skills of cameramen Tom Bleakney and Paul Collins. With oversight from Janice and input from hosts like Marion and Bernie, the group forms a cohesive team. There s been a lot of new people coming in, so it ll be great when the new people see the show, Marion says. Janice and I I think we re good partners.