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Second time’s the charm when realty, moving experts step in

Virginia woman gets contract offer within hours

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May 22nd, 2012

Once she decided to move to , an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., Cathleen Donnelly knew it was time to sell the North Springfield house she had lived in for the last 42 years. I tried to sell my house six years ago, she says. But after 90 days on the market, it still hadn t sold. But this time, Cathleen enlisted the help of Greenspring Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves. Anna assured me that my house would sell in a hurry, says Cathleen. She put me in touch with an Realty and Moving Services recommended real estate agent and I crossed my fingers. Within hours, Cathleen received a contract from the first people who came to see the house. My agent explained to them that I would be holding off until Sunday night to make a decision, she says. Over the course of the weekend 17 people came to look at my house. Ultimately, the house was sold to the people who made the first offer.

No devil in the details

Cathleen next went to work on the details of moving. Again, Anna was extremely helpful, she says. I selected one of the recommended movers and they provided me with a quote. Anna thought the quote was too high and told them so. They brought their price down. I was very pleased. In addition to moving all of her belongings, Cathleen relied on the movers to pack her china and other important items. There were a number of pieces I was very concerned about moving, but they all arrived at Greenspring in perfect condition. Since her move this past March, Cathleen enjoys getting to know her new neighbors. Everyone is so helpful, she says. Even before I was moved in, my neighbors left a note outside my door with their names and numbers welcoming me to the community. That was very nice. I am happy to be here and very pleased with all the help Anna provided. She is a jewel a real asset to Greenspring.