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Secure community means worry-free travel

Jet-setter June Hansen is off to see the world

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May 22nd, 2012

June Hansen not only raised three children, but she also built a successful career and made a name for herself in the insurance industry. Several decades ago, June says she was the first woman to be hired by the insurance agency where she worked. She was one of the first 100 women in the U.S. to pass the auto and fire insurance exam, and she even helped launch a women s division at her insurance company in 1968. You d think that would be enough to keep any woman s schedule fully booked, but June still found time to pursue her passion for travel. She says her first husband worked in the men s clothing industry, and the couple began traveling for his business. It was really great, she says of her earliest travels. June s first husband passed away, and she eventually remarried. She moved from Kansas, where she had raised her family, to Colorado with her second husband. She says she and her second husband traveled all over from the Panama Canal to Alaska. In Alaska, we got to see Eskimos and the dogs that they train, she recalls fondly of the trip.

Girls getaways

Over the years, June has also taken trips with her children, as well as with friends, including a trip to Mexico with her daughter. One of June s friends shares her interest in travel, and the two women have visited several destinations together. Last spring, they headed west for an adventure in California. June says they flew into Los Angeles, where they picked up a car to cruise along the coast for two weeks. They made stops in Ventura, San Diego, and other spots. The highlight of that trip, other than the beach, was visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library, June says.

Coming home

In October 2011, June decided to move from Olathe, Kans. where she had moved five years prior to be closer to her children and four grandkids toTallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living community in Overland Park. June chose a Seymour-style apartment home, which features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living and dining area. It s a very nice community, June says. They have an amazing staff, and the management team has high expectations of them. After just a few short months of living at Tallgrass Creek, June had already begun to discover old connections and form new ones. One evening at dinner, she says she met a Lutheran minister. They got to talking, and June learned that he had been the pastor of her hometown church. Tallgrass Creek has dozens of resident-run clubs and committees. With so many options, residents are bound to find one that matches their own interests. As an avid traveler, June decided to join Tallgrass Creek s trips committee, which plans one-day excursions to attractions near Overland Park and other short getaways. She says she is also considering joining the entertainment committee, which brings musicians, speakers, and other entertainers to the community.

Stress-free travel

Tallgrass Creek offers residents a stress-free lifestyle. Residents don t have to worry about house maintenance like mowing lawns, shoveling snow, or fixing leaky faucets. Plus, security is on staff 24 hours a day. That means jet-setters like June don t have to worry about their homes while they re relaxing on vacation. They can just lock their doors and go with the peace of mind that their homes will be protected while they re gone. June has kept up her fun-filled travel schedule since moving to Tallgrass Creek. Last winter she was planning a beach getaway with a friend to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Next on her itinerary visits to Columbus, Ohio, and New York City in the spring.