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Living large in a smaller space

Tallgrass Creek meets all your needs under one roof

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June 19th, 2012

Last month we gave you a behind-the-scenes look at Tallgrass Creek. In our second installment of this two-part series, we ll take a closer look at even more amenities at the Erickson Living community in Overland Park, Kans.

Blue Sky Restaurant

Tallgrass Creek community members can put the days of menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking big meals, and washing dishes behind them. Instead, they can dine at the on-site Blue Sky Restaurant. Each night, the full-service eatery offers several entr e choices served to residents by a friendly team of waiters and waitresses. Bob and Sally Smith moved to Tallgrass Creek a little more than a year ago. Their apartment home features a fully equipped kitchen where they can prepare their own meals when they wish, but Bob says they ve really come to enjoy dining with friends at the Blue Sky Restaurant. We thought we d miss cooking and meal preparation, but we don t, Bob says. We find the menu varied and the quality very close to the top.

Convenience store

How many times a week do you have to make unplanned trips to a convenience store to pick up a forgotten birthday card or milk? Running out to a convenience store is a whole lot more convenient when that store is walking distance from your front door and you don t even have to go outdoors to get there. An on-site convenience store is one of the many amenities that make life just a little less hectic for the people living at Tallgrass Creek.

Bank Midwest

Searching all over town for one of your bank s ATMs can be a frustrating errand. Fortunately, Tallgrass Creek residents who also bank at Bank Midwest don t have to worry about that. They have a full-service branch with a dedicated personal banker right under the same roof where they live.


If you re an avid reader, the cost of purchasing books, even on discount websites, can really add up. But, renting them from the library is a hassle when you have to get in your car and drive there. That s why bookworms living at Tallgrass Creek love their in-house library. The resident-run library stocks thousands of books from every genre. Library volunteer Ellen Shurtleff says Tallgrass Creek woodworkers have built shelves to store the growing collections of books and magazines. Residents never have much trouble finding a good read because, Ellen says, We get new books in every week.


Lifelong learning isn t just a buzzword at Tallgrass Creek. In fact, the community has a dedicated classroom where residents can host and attend classes and workshops. On any given day, you ll find Tallgrass Creek community members learning to paint, working on quilting projects, doing yoga, or studying music in the on-site classroom.


Tallgrass Creek residents have one of the largest living rooms you can imagine because they have access to the community s well-appointed clubhouse. One of residents favorite clubhouse features is the bistro. Community member Paula Dunmire says the bistro is the perfect spot to grab a casual bite to eat. Card groups meet there for afternoon and evening games. They also use the space for Friday afternoon happy hours and other special events, like dances. It s a wonderful place to bring our family or friends for lunch, Paula says. The bistro offers everything you want entr es, soups, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and it s wonderful food.