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The real(ty) advantage

Wind Crest has options to meet individual selling needs

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June 19th, 2012
Wind Crest, in Highlands Ranch, Colo., offers unique move-in options through its Realty Advantage Program so people can start enjoying the vibrant campus s lifestyle and amenities even before selling their houses. We noticed some people weren t able to sell their houses within the allotted 90 days, says Blake Marshall, Wind Crest sales manager, and they would end up losing the opportunity to move to the community. So we found a solution.

How it works

Upon reserving, people put down a minimum of 10% versus the entire refundable entrance deposit (as per the Residence and Care Agreement). For every $10,000 of the balance, $50 is added to their regular monthly service package. This additional cost goes directly toward the remaining deposit balance, and the person can move in while their house is on the market. As soon as the house sells, that person pays off the remaining balance and simply pays their regular monthly service package from then on, minus the extra premium that was being applied to their refundable entrance deposit. It s like an interest-free loan, Marshall says, and they re not losing any equity, either. The Realty Advantage Program was conceived with the idea that the majority of houses on the market sell within one year. If a house doesn t sell within one year, Wind Crest provides options too. The additional premium continues but is then split in half half goes to Wind Crest, the other half continues to pay down the entrance deposit balance. Just over a year old, the program has helped 25 people move to the community.

Starting fresh

Doris Lowther used the Realty Advantage Program when she moved to the community in February. She had a large house in Golden, Colo., and she no longer wanted the responsibilities of maintaining the property. She also knew she didn t want to move to a smaller house with the same responsibilities house and yard maintenance. Doris put her house on the market in November generally a slow time for real estate. Though it received more interest after the holidays, she couldn t wait any longer. Doris did not want to lose the beautiful apartment home that was available to her; she chose to move in sooner so she could start enjoying Wind Crest s lifestyle and opportunities. She reserved a two-bedroom Hastings-style apartment, joined the Realty Advantage Program by paying 10% of her deposit, and moved in February. Her empty house showed well to potential buyers. Sometimes, if people are living in a house that s on the market, it s harder to sell, Marshall says. Doris also didn t have to worry about constantly keeping her house neat and clean while living there. As part of the Realty Advantage Program, Doris used Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a complimentary program for anyone moving to Wind Crest, to help decide which belongings to bring to her new home, which to sell or donate, and which to toss. With Wind Crest s help, Doris was able to sell her house in two months. She closed in April and paid the remaining balance. It was so helpful to me to be able to just move forward and really start things new, she says.