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July 24th, 2012

Amelia Earhart: The final piece of the puzzle? July 2012 issue

Longtime admirer I saw Amelia Earhart and her plane in 1937 at the Bandung airport on the island of Java. My father was a reporter for the Java-Bode. He took my younger sister and me to the airport; I remember vividly how Amelia Earhart got off the plane and walked away with some dignitaries. I was happy to see this article on this lady I have always admired.

Anne K., email

Expedition for Earhart s twin-engine plane I wish I could be taken along that quest. It would be an honor to be there when the plane is found. Good luck to all.

Walter K., email

The Godfather effect on us all July 2012 issue

Godfather trilogy a disgrace to Italian-Americans I am in disagreement with the conclusions drawn by Thomas Santopietro in his book The Godfather Effect. Vito Corleone supposedly carved for himself a position of respect at a time when discrimination pinioned most immigrants to the lowest level of American society and he did this by crime, including murder, and not by good Christian-like deeds. Italian-Americans are decent, hard working, honest, family-oriented, responsible, loyal Americans who never commit crime or endorse it. My father came to this country from Italy to escape the evils of fascism with the equivalent of a dime in his pocket in the 1930s; I would never compare him with the low-life Vito Corleone. It never ceases to amaze me how the only Italian-Americans that seem to surface in the media and in Hollywood are mostly those of questionable character.

Louis B., email