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Parkville residents find upside to downsizing

Oak Crest’s Brighton floor plan offers more space, freedom, amenities

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July 24th, 2012

Thanks to the Oak Crest sales team and help from Erickson Realty and Moving Services, Patricia Potter knew everything she wanted to bring to her new one-bedroom apartment at Oak Crest would fit perfectly even before her first piece of furniture was ever moved. The sales staff was wonderful! says Patricia. They came to my condo with a magnetic board a schematic of the actual apartment at Oak Crest I wanted and had little miniature cutouts with pictures of my furniture so we could determine what would go where. After they went through the entire apartment and assured me that everything I wanted to bring would fit, I felt so relieved. A Towson native, this was Patricia s second move since selling her retirement home in Florida and moving back to Maryland in 2011 when she rented an apartment in Timonium temporarily while researching her retirement options. The Brighton design, like the one Patricia now calls home, turns out to be the perfect size, with either a large bay window, private balcony, or walk-out garden patio, plus modern kitchen, full bath, and a walk-in closet. It s just a beautiful apartment and plenty roomy, says Patricia. My bedroom is large, so I was able to comfortably fit my queen-size bed, armoire, full-sized dresser, nightstand, and desk.

Not too big, not too small

When Claude and Elizabeth Cornett decided to sell their Owings Mills condo in search of something more budget-minded and suitable for their active lifestyle, they started their search at the home of friends who lived at Oak Crest. I was excited about moving before we moved, says Elizabeth. We have friends who live in a Brighton, and when we visited them, we could get a good idea from their apartment of exactly how it would suit us and our furniture. Elizabeth says they were able to bring everything they wanted from their condo to their new home at Oak Crest. The floor plan is the perfect size for us, she says. We re very happy with our choice. Aside from plenty of space, the Brighton s most popular feature continues to be the large-scale community that comes with every apartment at the Parkille-based campus. It was that amenity-rich lifestyle that initially caught Patricia s eye. I was looking at retirement communities online, and I thought I would check out Oak Crest because I toured the community a few years ago with a friend, says Patricia. When the website first popped up, there was a picture of these ladies in the swimming pool exercising and I said, That s it! While I was living in Florida, I exercised in the pool every day, and I thought it would be wonderful to do that again.

Quality over quantity

Surveys show that retirees like Patricia aren t the only ones who are downsizing. In 2010, Trulia, a real estate research firm, found that the median home size had declined to 2,100 square feet from 2,300 in 2007. The poll also showed that more than one-third of Americans said their ideal home size is less than 2,000 square feet. Oak Crest Sales Director Chris Giesler says when downsizing from a house to an apartment it really comes down to quality of life. Sure, you may get a few more bedrooms in a 2,000-square-foot house, but you also have to clean and maintain those unused rooms, says Giesler. Here at Oak Crest, you re not just getting an apartment, you re getting an entire community at your fingertips beautifully landscaped courtyards and flower gardens become your backyard, relaxing lounges transform into your extended living room, and instead of one, you get your choice of four dining rooms with endless options. Plus, Oak Crest residents never have to worry about coordinating several monthly or quarterly bills like electric, mortgage, and property taxes, because at Oak Crest all costs, except telephone, are bundled in each household s monthly service package. The package also includes one meal a day at any of the community s on-site restaurants and use of all amenities. I really don t think Oak Crest could be any better, says Patricia. I love the community and I love my apartment so much that I could stay here all day and never leave.