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Reinventing the dining experience

More choices, greater flexibility on the menu at Fox Run

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August 21st, 2012

High-quality food with a wide variety of daily entr e choices has always been one of the amenities that have attracted people to Fox Run. But now, the active retirees living at the Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., have even more options when it comes to dining. In July, Fox Run rolled out its new flexible meal plan program, which includes two plan options. The first option is the monthly meal plan, which gives residents 30-31 meals a month at any of Fox Run s four on-site restaurants. They can spread their meals out by using one a day or two or more meals on the same day. Meal credits can also be used for guests or carryout meals from Fox Run s caf or pub. The cost of the monthly meal plan is included in residents monthly service packages. The other option is a 20-meal plan, which Director of Dining Services Kevin Cunningham says is ideal for community members who frequently dine at off-campus restaurants or enjoy cooking in their own apartment homes. Residents who enroll in the 20-meal plan get 20 meals a month that can be used at any of Fox Run s restaurants, either for themselves or for guests. Because they are eating fewer meals on campus, residents in the 20-meal plan receive a $60 credit on their monthly service package each month. It s not a plan where if you don t use your meal today, you lose it, and the residents can let their family and friends use their meals as well, Cunningham says. Community members also can switch between both options each quarter.

The flexibility factor

Fred and RoseAnne Moschetta decided to enroll in the 20-meal plan. Fred says they enjoy meals with their neighbors at Fox Run s restaurants, but they have three children and several grandchildren in the area, and the family often gets together for meals at one of their homes or in the Moschettas Georgetown apartment home with full kitchen and spacious den. The couple also has an active social life, frequently meeting up with friends who don t live at Fox Run for dinner at one of Novi s many restaurants. There is always something going on, Fred says. My wife cooked a pancake breakfast at our home for the family last weekend, and tonight we re going to an Italian buffet with some old neighbors. Now that they don t have to worry about wasting meals they ve already paid for in their monthly service package, Fred says he and RoseAnne feel more at ease to make last-minute dinner plans with friends or linger at family gatherings. If we re out somewhere, we don t have to rush back for dinner, Fred says. Plus, if Fred and RoseAnne don t each use their 20 meals a month, they can use extras to treat friends or family to lunch or dinner at Fox Run.

Dining, a la Erickson Living

The flexible dining options were developed in response to resident feedback, says Tara O Sullivan, vice president of operations for Erickson Living. We heard from residents who wanted the freedom to decide how they could use their meals. As a result, the new dining options rolled out to the entire Fox Run community in July. People are happy they can go out to eat with family members and not feel like they are losing a meal, says O Sullivan. They can invite friends to eat at Fox Run with them, or they can eat lunch and dinner in the same day. In a word, it gives our residents more choices. Erickson Living has always offered one meal a day as part of every community member s monthly service package. The monthly service package at all Erickson Living communities also includes cable TV, use of all amenities, 24/7 home maintenance, and all utilities except telephone. Previously, if community members did not use their daily meal, they could not use it the next day, nor could they use it for a guest. Now, residents have a choice of two plans, both more flexible than ever.