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Scholarship donations reach the $1 million mark

Greenspring members exercise philanthropic spirit

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August 21st, 2012

Thanks to the generous contributions of community members at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., 19 student employees will start college this fall, embarking on a journey that will prepare them for future success. Each is a recipient of a $6,000 ($750 per semester) scholars fund scholarship for college, trade school, or a vocational certificate program. The funds for the scholarships are raised from voluntary donations made by residents, resident clubs, and staff members at Greenspring. Throughout the past 13 years, Greenspring has raised $1 million for the scholars fund.

Hard work pays off

Each of the scholarship winners worked at least 1,000 hours at the community as servers in the various campus restaurants during their junior and senior years of high school. They must have achieved satisfactory grades and have maintained a disciplinary record free of adverse actions at their high school. Additionally, the students submit an application, complete an essay, participate in interviews with the Greenspring resident philanthropy committee, and obtain two letters of recommendation. With today s college-bound students facing economic challenges unlike those of past generations, the scholarship program serves as a perfect gift of opportunity for an important part of Erickson Living s workforce. In addition to enhancing its skilled workforce and services, the scholars fund reflects a campus-wide commitment to helping students reach their highest potential. The scholarship will be a huge blessing for me in my academic pursuit as it will ease the burden of the high cost of college, says student employee Kenneth Green, a graduate of West Springfield High School. He has worked at Greenspring since November 2010. The scholarship will allow me to pay for my dorm and some of the books I require for my studies. This fall, Green will begin his college career at Concordia University, in Chicago, Ill., and will return to work at Greenspring over school holidays and summer break.

Best of both worlds

Scholarship winners Mariam Nabizad and Jonathan Cooke plan to attend school locally at Northern Virginia Community College while continuing to work at Greenspring. I love the family atmosphere and enjoy seeing my co-workers and residents every day I work, says Nabizad. A graduate of Robert E. Lee High School, she began working at Greenspring three years ago. This scholarship will help me reach my future goal of becoming an international lawyer. The best part about working at Greenspring is being able to interact with the residents and learn about their lives, says Cooke, also a Robert E. Lee graduate. This scholarship means a lot to me because it will help cover the expense of my classes.

Looking forward

Hoping to provide even more financial support, Greenspring is currently in the process of creating a scholars fund endowment in order to establish larger scholarships for the future. These students go beyond customer service, actually developing intergenerational relationships with the community, says Greenspring Director of Philanthropy Kimberly Nelson. As the residents many of whom were educators watch the students mature both personally and professionally, they become vested in their futures. Supporting the scholars with their voluntary contributions provides a way for members of the Greenspring community to exercise their philanthropic spirit in a way that is personally meaningful, Nelson says. And for these efforts, the students are extremely grateful. I am so thankful to all the residents and staff for being extremely supportive of me throughout the past two years, says Green. Their encouragement as I follow my dreams and strive to do my best means so much. I know that the Greenspring community genuinely cares for me. 2012 Greenspring student scholars Receiving scholarships for their exemplary work ethic, the 2012 scholarship winners attended the following high schools: Hiba Ahmed, Hayfield Secondary School Michal Ande, Hayfield Secondary School Daniel Bangura, Robert E. Lee High School Rohina Bayat, Robert E. Lee High School Jonathan Cooke, Robert E. Lee High School Karen Dang, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Vania Espichan, Robert E. Lee High School Kenneth Green, West Springfield High School Martha Haile, West Springfield High School Paul Handy, Hayfield Secondary School Leilani Jackson, Thomas A. Edison High School Austin Kaminski, West Springfield High School Jusu Koroma, Robert E. Lee High School Rendha Maharosa, South County High School Mariam Nabizad, Robert E. Lee High School Cindy Nguyen, Robert E. Lee High School Nadia Ramos, West Springfield High School Chanel Thompson, Robert E. Lee High School Jessica Watts, West Springfield High School