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Adventures in living

Linden Ponds neighbors share passion for travel

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September 25th, 2012

Marty Griffin had been without a retirement job for a few years and was feeling restless. I was ready for a change, she says. Though she had retired from a career in computers more than a decade prior, the active Framingham, Mass., resident felt she wasn t meeting new people and wanted something more. So she joined the priority list at Linden Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass., securing herself a spot in line for the apartment home of her choice and giving her access to community events. During each visit, Marty tried to picture herself living at Linden Ponds, and each time she learned something new. I felt that this would be perfect for me both in a personal way and a financial way, she says. She initially planned to make the move a year later but then asked herself, Why should I wait? With help from Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford and recommended resources, including Burkhardt Brothers Moving and Storage and a real estate professional from Coldwell Banker, this summer Marty moved from her house of 30 years to her one-bedroom Galloway-style apartment home at Linden Ponds. It s been a very easy transition to go from a house to an apartment. It s very freeing I ve never been so uncluttered in my life, she says, seated in the large, open space of her living room.

Passion for people and travel

Before moving, Marty hosted a party for her many friends and the new owners of her Framingham house. While she nurtures those existing friendships, Marty has found the added sociability she had hoped for at Linden Ponds. People have been very friendly, and I really enjoy going to dinner and meeting new people, she says. An avid traveler and trained tour guide, Marty has easily found others at Linden Ponds who share her passion. A longtime traveler with Grand Circle Travel, a Boston-based company, Marty invited others to her home for a gathering to learn more about the company. This month, Marty will set out on a cruise through the Panama Canal booked through Grand Circle Cruise Line. One of the big plusses for me coming here [to Linden Ponds] is the fact that your expenses are planned for, she says, which allows her to budget for future travel plans.

Resourceful living

In addition to exploring the community s social opportunities, Marty also took early advantage of its medical center. For 40 years, she struggled with positional vertigo, a condition that would often cause her to feel that her world was spinning when she changed positions. She scheduled an appointment with a therapist at Linden Ponds, touted as an expert in the condition. During Marty s 30-minute appointment, physical therapist Dasia LaRusso asked her questions and studied her eye movements, then had Marty lie down and turned her in a specific way. Her vertigo dissipated. That really was miraculous, Marty says. Marty has also joined the fitness center at Linden Ponds and participates in water aerobics classes. Careful not to overload her schedule too soon, she is considering joining the French conversation group and the English as a Second Language tutoring opportunities, making use of her language and teaching skills. There s certainly an advantage to coming when you can still take advantage of the activities here and make new friends, Marty says of her decision to move early.