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Flexible dining options

New meal plans coming to Seabrook in November

Created date

September 25th, 2012

Just as healthy eating fads constantly change, Seabrook is about to update its dining options to offer more flexible meal plans. It s just another example of how the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., listens to its community members and delivers results. One meal a day has always been included in each community member s monthly service package, which also includes cable TV, use of all amenities, 24/7 home maintenance, and all utilities except telephone. Previously, if community members did not use their daily meal, they could not use it the next day, nor could they use it for a guest. Now, residents have a choice of two plans, both more flexible than ever. They don t have fear of losing a meal if they decide to dine off campus, and they have the ability to use meals for guests, says Dining Services Director Chris Stewart.

Options explained

The monthly meal plan and the 20-meal plan, piloted late last year at four other Erickson Living communities and to be introduced in November at Seabrook, allow community members to use their meals for guests or to use two or more in one day. The monthly meal plan provides one meal for every day of a given month. Residents may then allocate those meals any way they choose. If they want to skip dinner in one of Seabrook s two full-service restaurants one night to eat out, they could have lunch and dinner the next day or treat a guest to dinner, Stewart says. The 20-meal plan provides 20 meals a month for residents to use at their discretion. Those who choose this plan receive a $60 credit on their monthly service package. The 20-meal plan is good for people who enjoy cooking or eating out a lot, Stewart says. Community members may use their meals at any of Seabrook s two restaurants or caf , which offer variety in menu and atmosphere. Additionally, community members may purchase meal items at one of the two convenient markets or take their meals to go. Notable rules: no unused meals carry over to the next month. Additionally, guests may not use a meal on holidays or during special functions. During those special occasions, guests may enjoy a meal for $17. And if anyone finds their meal plan doesn t suit their needs or dining style, they may change it quarterly.

What residents are saying

I think the two plans will meet the needs of everybody instead of just a few, says Charlotte Heffernan. As a member of the resident advisory council, Charlotte serves on the dining services committee as a liaison between her fellow neighbors and Seabrook management. From what I hear, the majority of people will stick with the monthly meal plan, but those who go out a lot will go with the 20-meal plan, she says. Personally, Charlotte says, she s still deciding which plan she will choose. She s swaying toward the 20-meal plan. I might change in the wintertime because I don t go out to eat as much when it s snowing. Charlotte moved to Seabrook in the fall of 2010 from nearby Brick, N.J. So far, she says, I m very satisfied with the food and dining experience here. She usually eats dinner at the Fireside Restaurant but enjoys lunch at the Tides Caf or buffet dinner at the Princeton Restaurant for variety. Charlotte and her fellow Seabrook community members look forward to the new meal plans starting November 1. It makes sense, Charlotte says.