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Fly’n B Park in their backyard

Local residents enjoy recreational grounds

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September 25th, 2012

Nestled next to the 84 acres of the Wind Crest campus is the Fly n B Park, an extension of the High Line Canal and part of the Highlands Ranch Metro District. The 37-acre public park houses hiking trails, trees of all sorts, and a scenic pond located adjacent to Wind Crest s front entrance and just a half-mile from community members Patti and Sid Walker s front door. The location the park along with the canal is one of the main reasons we moved here, says Sid. He and Patti are five-year residents of the Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., having moved from Parachute, Colo.

An outdoor lover s paradise

Sid and Patti will tell you that slow down is not in their vocabulary. They spend most of their time outdoors, and once they decided to move to Wind Crest, it was important for them to not lose all they held dear mainly the activities they ve come to cherish. While they enjoy using the on-site fitness club and swimming pool, the outdoorsy activities are what seem to define them. In fact, they don t spend much time in their large two-bedroom apartment home because they re always enjoying the outdoor extension of their home: the Fly n B Park, the High Line Canal, and Copper Mountain, where the couple skis during the winter season. We realized that we could be in this delightful area and not lose all the things we wanted to be doing by moving here, Sid says. The couple also appreciates the daily freedom they and their neighbors have to do whatever they want to do since the Wind Crest staff takes care of all the maintenance and hassles most house dwellers still encounter.

A spot of serenity

The focal point of the Fly n B Park is the pond. To the west of it, a plethora of different types of trees cottonwoods, evergreens, pines, ponderosas, pineapple trees, and Colorado spruces surrounds the water, creating a haven for different species of birds. In the last year and a half, the metro district has transformed the pond, Sid says. Algae used to cover the pond, but the district has taken steps like filling it with fish and using timed fountains to move and aerate the water to keep it algae-free. There s also a fishing dock and a separate sheltered area where Patti likes to read. The Walkers ride their bikes to the park at least twice a week, and even though the park is practically in their backyard, they are more than happy to share it with picnicking families and public fishermen who visit the park. It s a real perk for Wind Crest, Sid says. Another perk: The Walkers have enjoyed meeting liked-minded people who share their love of the great outdoors. They hike the park frequently with their Wind Crest neighbors. And when Patti and Sid aren t stretching their legs around the local outdoors, they re traveling. All we have to do is lock our door and go, Patti says of the 24/7 peace of mind and security Wind Crest provides to community members.