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From the ground up

Wind Crest watches as new neighborhood comes to life

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September 25th, 2012

Now that construction is well under way on Mill Vista Lodge the continuing care neighborhood at Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo. enthusiastic residents have the opportunity to take on a unique role, that of sidewalk superintendents. We ve been waiting for this, Fred Wiese says, so we re going to be watching this very closely. Now that construction has started, I d say there are 100 pairs of eyes on that site every day, Ron Poinsett adds.

Great fun to watch

Watching the neighborhood being built from the ground up is of special interest for those who live at Wind Crest. And each resident has a different perspective on the project. Ron and his wife Dot, for example, like to eat lunch and watch the construction workers from the bay window of their Jackson-style apartment home s corner location. Those residents with construction and architectural backgrounds are seeing something familiar, while others who have never been exposed to this type of project are witnessing what it takes to take a building from the beginning stage to that of completion. It s great fun to watch! Fred says. He and Ron say they were both looking forward to the construction company, Brinkmann Constructors, bringing in the giant crane that lowered huge pieces of steel into the ground.

Progress equals confidence

The foreman of the project, Jim Horner, attends Wind Crest s town hall meetings and updates residents on the accomplishments. To date, it s all been good news and forward movement. When Horner first addressed the residents, he had already been on-site for three days, and he said that the new neighborhood would be completed in 11 months and 27 days. When he updated them again a month later, he commented, We ve got 10 months and 29 days left to go, and we re on schedule. Fred says he and the other residents appreciate that kind of transparency. Seeing progress gives the residents confidence that within just a little over a year, the continuing care neighborhood and services will be available to them. From the beginning, the way Craig Erickson [Wind Crest s executive director] presented this to us and the way the foreman keeps us informed, we ve been given the gift of confidence, Fred says. Everyone is pleased to know that this thing is coming up out of the ground. We re seeing substantial changes virtually every day, Ron says. A construction trailer, heavy machinery, and lots of construction workers quickly filled the area where Mill Vista Lodge is being built. As of August 2012, more than 600 yards of underground concrete had been poured to lay the footings, rebar placed to build the foundation, and plumbing installed under the flooring. The four-story building (three of the floors will be above ground) is quickly and efficiently taking shape. This is all happening very quickly, and it is very well done, Ron comments. The residents, with both Ron and Director of Resident Life Peter Richie at the helm, have devoted a section of their community website to the project. Residents post photos and captions of the progress to allow everyone, including family members and friends, the opportunity to keep abreast of the progress. Mill Vista Lodge will stand four stories high and add 128 residences with varying levels of care, plus offer memory care, short-term rehabilitation, and long-term nursing residences. To find out more about the progress of Mill Vista Lodge, schedule your personal appointment and tour of Wind Crest by calling 1-800-710-1085.