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Is a less complicated hospital stay possible?

Yes, with Maris Grove’s acute care coordinator

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September 25th, 2012

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. That happened to vibrant, healthy Maris Grove residents Ginny Collins and Win Moss, who unexpectedly found themselves in the hospital. Ginny was admitted due to complications from a kidney stone; Win s two knee replacements presented problems, requiring several follow-up surgeries. The women, residents of Erickson Living s community in Glen Mills, Pa., realized they d need rehabilitation therapy after their hospital stays, but neither knew how to arrange it. As it turned out, they didn t have to. While they focused on their health, Maris Grove Acute Care Coordinator Kim Bickel stayed abreast of their hospital care, arranged for their transportation back to Maris Grove, and coordinated all of their post-hospital health care, including any special equipment or medications they needed. She also provided regular updates to Win s doctor, a staff physician at Maris Grove s full-service, on-site medical center. I make sure all the bases are covered and that residents have everything they need to successfully recover, Bickel says. No other continuing care retirement community in our area offers this service. Maris Grove residents receive it at no extra charge. Over an eight-month period, Bickel coordinated Win s transition from Riddle Hospital to rehabilitation at Rose Court, Maris Grove s continuing care neighborhood, five different times. Every time I needed something, Maris Grove coordinated it, says Win. If I lived by myself, I wouldn t have been able to do it. I wouldn t even have known where to begin.

A seamless network of care

Nadine Steward, the community s social work coordinator, started the ball rolling for Ginny and Win by contacting them before they went into the hospital. Bickel s assistance began when they were admitted, and continued until they arrived at Rose Court. The Rose Court team then took over to guarantee a seamless transition. Ginny received physical therapy to regain muscle tone after her ten-day hospital stay, and occupational therapy to help her safely perform activities of daily living in her maintenance-free apartment home. A spunky, independent woman, I don t believe in sitting down, Ginny says. Life goes too fast, and I want to get it all. She fretted that she wasn t home to walk her dog and tend to her garden bed, but her Maris Grove neighbors happily did those things for her. And when she completed her rehab, the Rose Court staff went to Ginny s apartment home, rolled up throw rugs that were tripping hazards, and checked everything to ensure a safe environment. I never had it so good at my house in Media, Ginny says. There are so many services here that you don t even know about. It s like you re a movie star. Win agrees. I m amazed at the number of support people, she says. Literally back on her feet, Win is once again playing cards and mah-jongg, singing in the campus chorus, harmonizing in Narberth s New Horizons Glee Club, and inviting its members to campus for lunch. She moved from Ardmore to Maris Grove because the residents are so active and engaged. I m really enjoying my life here, she says. There s so much you don t have to worry about. This truly is a special place.