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Letters to the editor

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September 25th, 2012
Trouble on frat row September 2012 issue

When we look the other way

I worked over ten years as a police officer on the campus of Towson University in Towson, Md. The Greeks always had parties with the strongest punch you could imagine. We always had students passed out and had to send them to the hospital. It is a shame that there will be deaths from alcohol overdose on college campuses because the people in charge look the other way.

John G., Rosedale, MD

Ipso facto reasoning

I was in Chi Phi at Dartmouth during the famous Animal House party (with neighboring fraternity Alpha Delta), so I believe the statistics on drinking are flawed when the author claims that because more drinking occurs at fraternities, therefore, fraternities lead to more drinking. The ground truth is that underage kids outside fraternities drink less simply because they cannot easily get any alcohol. If they could, they would. Of course, if you re an abolitionist, it is far easier to dress up a don t drink at college argument with the verisimilitude of compassion for our spoiled youth, when what you re really advocating is don t drink ever.

Tom H. Boston, MA

Simple solution from the 1960s

Your article offers some frightening statistics about binge drinking in fraternities and sororities today. When I pledged a national sorority in the mid 60s, pledges in my sorority were not allowed to drink at all during the entire pledge period. To be caught using alcohol during the pledge semester was cause for automatic dismissal from the pledge class. This was motivation enough to keep pledges from drinking and provided a safe indoctrination period for new freshmen on campus. Rather than eliminating the Greek system, why not reinstate the rules that worked so well in the 60s?

Susan M., Aurora, CO