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Life is good!

Poll mirrors optimism already felt at Charlestown

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September 25th, 2012

In stark contrast to the bleak mood circulating around the rest of the nation regarding the economy, unemployment, and the housing market, a new poll conducted by USA Today, UnitedHealthcare, and the National Council on Aging found that life is good for most older Americans. The telephone poll of 2,250 adults ages 60 and up shows most are content with their finances, their health, and where they live, and most are optimistic about the years to come. This mirrors the influx of retirees who are selling their homes in search of maintenance-free living and infinite social, volunteer, and spiritual opportunities and moving to Charlestown, an Erickson Living community in Catonsville, Md.

Silver lining

Despite the economic uncertainties, people are saying yes to Charlestown s lifestyle quite a testament to what a great place Charlestown is to live and work, says Director of Sales Don Grove. From January through July, we ve helped 151 people move to Charlestown. That s a huge milestone for us, and we ve still got five more months to go [until the end of the year]! Grove says convenient access to amenities, like a pool, fitness and aquatics centers, bank, and six restaurants, make Charlestown the perfect alternative to a time- and energy-consuming house. And their integrated health care system, the Erickson Health Medical Group, provides Charlestown an advantage other communities don t have: full-time physicians and medical professionals. Today s retirees expect the kind of active, engaged lifestyle they ve grown accustomed to, says Grove. Winter weather, which once drove many northerners to seek out warmer climates, is no longer a concern when everything is under one roof here at Charlestown. And having world-class health care right down the hall from your home is something you can t put a price tag on. Ann Steffens says that for her, a variety of reasons pushed her to sell her house in Catonsville and move to Charlestown. I was living alone, says Ann. Maintaining the house and keeping up with the lawn was a chore. I had to pay to have people come out and take care of everything for me. I looked at two other communities in Howard County and another one in Catonsville, but Charlestown gave me the best amenities overall. Ann says moving from a large single-family house to an apartment home was an adjustment, but the benefits she has gained at Charlestown were a good trade-off. I m happy with my apartment and the fact that I know I have a home for life here, says Ann. I don t have to worry about taking care of a big house. And I also love the fact that I have several restaurants right here to choose from so I don t have to cook unless I want to. Ann s Charlestown neighbor, Joe Murtha, says he feels a burden has been lifted off of his kids since moving this May. My kids are happy I m here, he says. In the future, if I m ever unable to drive, I can still be totally independent with all the amenities that are here. That really played a big part in choosing Charlestown. Joe recently joined the fitness center and began taking a computer class at the community.

A familiar tune

Marty King was able to leave behind the headaches of owning a big house and focus on the things she really enjoys, like playing her baby grand piano, after she sold her Fells Point home and moved to Charlestown in July. My house was big, and it was way more than I cared to be involved in. It was time for me to move on, says Marty. Plus, I didn t have a big medical center or a bank that I could walk to indoors or a shuttle bus to pick me up and drop me off wherever I wanted to go. I m an avid symphony fan, and I go to the Meyerhoff all the time, so now I can drive myself or take the shuttle if I want to. And she hasn t wasted any time diving into Charlestown s active social scene. I ve never met so many friendly people, says Marty. They gave me a list of all the clubs and activities here at Charlestown when I moved in. I already went through and checked off all the things I m interested in, and I m gradually getting to them all. Overall, Marty says moving to Charlestown has been a great decision and the community has lived up to its positive reputation. When I was considering Charlestown, everybody that I ve ever mentioned it to said, Oh, I know people who live there, and they love it. Well it turned out to be even better than that, she says.