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A taste of life at Ann’s Choice

New flexible meal plan a hit

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September 25th, 2012
Ann s Choiceinitiated its new flexible dining plans July 1. The name says it all. Before, a resident s monthly service package included one meal each day, says Dining Services Director Chris Babst. If you didn t use it, you lost it. Now, if you miss a meal you can use that credit to treat a guest. Credits expire at the end of each month, so many residents are inviting guests to brunch on the last Sunday of the month. The guest count at those brunches has grown by 100 meals. People can choose from two plans: the monthly plan provides a meal for each day of the month; the 20-meal plan provides 20 meals a month and reduces a resident s monthly service package by $60. Residents decide what days and at which meals to use their credits, and they can change plans every quarter. Our residents are really excited about this, Babst says. They have such active lives. They re spending time away from the community visiting family and friends and aren t eating here every day.

His and her plans

Include Elise and Harvey Bratis among residents who enjoy eating out. Before, they d get their dinners to go and take them home to refrigerate. We didn t want to waste what we were paying for, says Elise. Now, with Harvey on the monthly plan and Elise on the 20-meal plan, they average 25 meals apiece. When Elise uses all her credits, Harvey treats her to five dinners as his guest. It s worked perfectly, she says. The couple s Patterson-style apartment home has a large kitchen and sunroom area, but Elise only cooks on holidays. I enjoy the food here, she says. And the flexibility to have dinner at three different restaurants plus Banners Caf makes it ideal. We can eat here or not. We can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We can have two meals one day and go out the next. We can do anything. Their neighbor Sue Ross chose the 20-meal plan, too. When I heard about it, I thought, This was designed for me! With so much tempting food at Ann s Choice, she says, I thought it would be good for me to skip a meal now and then. Sue doesn t really cook, but she s a whiz at slicing and dicing veggies for light meals in her Fremont-style apartment home. She says the new plan has an added benefit. Because she needn t rush home for dinner, her off-campus days are more her own. I m embracing the change, and it s fun, she says.

Plans for every lifestyle

For Bob and Joan Klimek, flexibility means the monthly plan because they can bank meals they miss when they re off visiting children and grandchildren, then spend those credits when the kids visit them. It used to cost extra a month because of family, Bob says. In July, I had nothing extra to pay. It was great. Bob is the resident advisory council s liaison to dining services. People have gone out of their way to tell me how much they like the new program, he says. He s also collaborated with dining services to give people the option to track their meal status via the Ann s Choice resident activity website.