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Time to act

Eagle’s Trace more than 90% sold outv

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September 25th, 2012

Thinking about making a move to Eagle s Trace? Don t wait. With only a handful of apartment homes available at the Erickson Living community in West Houston, time is running out to reserve the apartment home of your choice. I ve been booked with back-to-back appointments, says Sales Counselor and Personal Moving Consultant Blaga Bayer, who provides complimentary selling and moving help for people moving to Eagle s Trace. The limited inventory of new apartment homes is causing a lot of prospective residents to get serious about moving. Several floor plans have already sold out. The last available two-bedroom, two-bath option was reserved in July. Our inventory is shrinking quickly, says Sales Director Pam Burgeson. We still have a few very desirable apartments left, but there s no guarantee they will be available in a month or two. And with no immediate plans to build additional residence buildings, it could be years before new apartments become available.

Everything fell into place

Pauline Goodwin recently moved to Eagle s Trace from her Memorial-area home of 45 years. It s a crazy story, says Pauline. My key got stuck in the lock at my old house, and I couldn t get it out. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel s back. I asked myself why I had to bother with the house. Pauline s first visit to Eagle s Trace on June 5 more than exceeded her expectations. I like the location, she says. It s only three miles from my old house, so I can still attend my church and keep up with my activities. Pauline also works part-time as a bookkeeper for a local optometrist. She wanted a two-bedroom apartment so she could use the second bedroom as a home office. The Hastings-style floor plan, a two-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath apartment, caught her eye. But when she called to reserve it, she learned that the apartment she toured had been spoken for. Fortunately, there was a Hastings on the next floor up, says Pauline. I took it right away. Pauline moved into her new home on July 20.

True cost of waiting

Not everyone moves as quickly as Pauline, says Burgeson, But when prospective community members tell us they are not ready to move, they don t always take into account the true cost of waiting. There are expenses associated with owning a house utilities, property taxes, insurance, repairs. Then there are the less tangible benefits of moving peace of mind, on-site health care, a wide range of activities. These are the things you can t put a price on. While Burgeson says she s visited with prospective residents who initially hesitated to move, she says she s never heard anyone express regret after the fact. If anything, residents tell me their one regret was not moving sooner, she says. For those still contemplating a move, sooner may be the only option. Once the new apartment homes sell out, there will be plenty of time to wait.