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What is care coordination?

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September 25th, 2012

If you re like many seniors, you may be juggling several health conditions. You may see different doctors. You may be taking several medications prescribed by each of those doctors. You may sometimes need other services such as physical therapy or a dietitian s expertise. How can you keep track of everything?

Welcome to your medical home

Your medical home is a concept that is gaining popularity among primary care physicians. A medical home is not a building, but rather a approach to your total health care. Your primary care physician is your team leader, communicating with everyone involved in your care, including specialists, facilities, pharmacies, and your family. A well-coordinated, whole-person focused plan of care is developed and maintained by your doctor. Coordinated care is certainly convenient and saves you time, but research has proven that team-based care improves quality of life and lowers health care costs, especially for people with chronic health conditions. How can you be sure that all of these services will be covered by your insurance? If you re lucky, your insurance plan provides you with an individually assigned care coordinator. If you are uninsured, your doctor may be able to work out a fee-for-service payment schedule that fits your budget.