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Good-bye, Old Man Winter

Tallgrass Creek the warm, welcoming destination

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October 23rd, 2012

Freezing temperatures, icy and dangerous roads, mounds of snow that need shoveling, and heating systems that give out on the day you need them most there s plenty to dread about Midwestern winters. Many Kansas City-area retirees who have grown tired of dealing with the downsides of winter have found a warm and welcoming home at Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living community in Overland Park, Kans. The community s maintenance-free living enables people to enjoy the beauty of the season, like watching snow fall while they sit by a roaring fire in the clubhouse or enjoying festive holiday parties with friends, without any of the winter hassles. The Tribune caught up with Sales Counselor Judy Baxter, who answered some frequently asked questions about the benefits of living at Tallgrass Creek during the winter. Here s what she had to say. Q: What amenities does Tallgrass Creek have to make life easier for people during the winter? A: Tallgrass Creek offers many amenities to create an engaging lifestyle, despite the Midwest s winter weather. From the on-site fitness center and indoor swimming pool, to our convenience store and restaurants, to the many clubs and activities offered in the classroom, arts and crafts studio, games room, and woodshop, there is always something going on within the community. Q: How does living at Tallgrass Creek keep residents safer during the winter? A: We can all remember the horrible winter weather we experienced two years ago. Here at Tallgrass Creek, we joked about the top ten reasons you didn t need to go out in the inclement weather. Community members can eat at on-site restaurants; shop at the community s own convenience store; walk indoors to the fitness center, indoor pool, and hot tub; or simply power walk through the brightly lit and warm hallways. Our on-site bank and medical center, 50-plus clubs and activities, newspaper delivery to your door, trash and recycling pickup at your door, transportation services, 24-hour safety and security, and the climate-controlled walkways connecting the residence buildings to the clubhouse ensure that Tallgrass Creek residents are not adversely affected by inclement weather. Most importantly, they don t have to worry about slipping on ice or shoveling snow. Q: What feedback have you received from residents about how living at Tallgrass Creek has made their winters more enjoyable? A: One of my favorite experiences is to visit with residents during the first significant snowfall after their move to Tallgrass Creek. More often than not, I find them enjoying the beauty of the picturesque landscape as they stand in the climate-controlled walkway on their way home from an activity in the clubhouse. They usually comment that now that they are not responsible for shoveling, they can truly enjoy the snow! Another favorite experience is to see residents participating in the water aerobics classes in the all-season swimming pool when the outside temperature is 10 degrees below zero with 12 inches of snow on the ground. The common refrain I hear: Why did I wait to move to Tallgrass Creek? I should have moved sooner! Q: I m interested in moving to Tallgrass Creek before winter hits. What should I do next? A: Currently, 98% of our apartment homes are reserved or occupied. In fact, we only have three apartment homes available at this time. Now is the time, before winter hits, to move into one of the few available apartment homes and enjoy our active lifestyle and maintenance-free living. Why let cold temperatures, snow, or ice dictate your calendar of events and activities?