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Letters to the editor

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October 23rd, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court October 2012 issue

Lifetime appointments invite corruption I find it hard to believe that the founding fathers were so naive to think that the ruling party/president could be allowed to appoint lifetime members to a body without corrupting the process and installing bias and self-interest with each appointment. Like the electoral college process, a good idea has been contaminated with the corruption of politics/government. It will never happen, but I think justices should be elected for one six-year term and then sent home to write books, teach, or whatever. I feel the same way about members of congress and the president government careers shouldn t be allowed for those elected by the people.

John W., email

A new kind of detective on the job September 2012 issue

Thwarting historical document thieves I can t believe that any library operation allows anyone to actually hold and possibly steal a document. This practice lends itself to theft and should be discontinued.

Ben C., email

Trouble on frat row September 2012 issue

Greeks positive impact In response to the question posed in a recent article as to whether or not sororities/fraternities should still have a place in collegiate life, the answer is a definitive YES. Below are powerful statistics that are often overshadowed: As undergraduates, Greeks raise approximately $7 million per year for charities. As undergraduates, Greeks give approximately 850,000 volunteer hours per year. Forty-three of the 100 members of the U.S. Senate are members of a fraternity or sorority. 36% of the House of Representatives are members of a sorority or fraternity. Of North America s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greek men and women, 30% of all Fortune 500s. 40 of 47 U.S. Supreme Court Justices have been and are Greek. 63% of all U.S. Cabinet members since 1900 have been and are Greek. All of the Apollo 11 astronauts were Greek. There are 400,000 active members in Greek organizations nationwide. Membership in a fraternity or sorority can and should be a lifetime benefit. It would be a detriment to our society if Greek membership was abolished.

Melissa C., email

Don t throw the baby out with the bathwater I was a member of a fraternity while an undergraduate in college. I am happy to say my experience was great and some of my best friends are those I met and lived with during my years as an undergraduate. I am the first to admit that fraternities are not for everyone, but neither is college. I think we would be nuts to do away with the fraternity/sorority system in college.

Howard H., Wilmington, DE