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Showcasing a better life

Riderwood’s fall home expo brings out the crowd

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October 23rd, 2012

When is a sock just a sock? Always, even if this single sock holds the memory of my son and me hiking Cathedral Rock. When are you ever going to use that percolator that serves 40 people and was purchased in the 1970s? Never! Let it all go, says Kim McMahon, president of Let s Move, LLC. Let s Move works in partnership with Riderwood Personal Moving Consultant Kimberly Schoeberlein to help people get organized and move to their new home at Riderwood. Together, they hosted more than 250 people interested in moving to Riderwood at the community s fall home expo. From apartment tours to seminars on downsizing to resident panels addressing what it s really like living on campus, the expo showcased just what the community has to offer.

Actual residents,not paid actors

Jim Starnes, Levern Allen, Shirley Dearfield, and Paul Forbes are all neighbors atRiderwood. They attended the expo to recount stories of their lives at Riderwood for others interested in moving there. Levern loves to explore her surroundings, and living at Riderwood allows her to do that unencumbered. If you like to travel, like I do, all you have to do is shut your door, she says. You don t have to worry about anything. Oh, just make sure you tell security you re going. Paul appreciates that his voice is heard and his many talents appreciated on campus. People may think Riderwood is a place for old people, but we re all active and vibrant, and I have to say I waited too long to come here, he says. When I moved in, my daughter told me it was the best gift I could have given her because she didn t have to worry about me anymore. I am a writer, a sculptor, a potter, a performer, and I was just recently on the TV station here, Paul adds. Where else could I have my writing published? Where else could I perform if I weren t living here? If you re 75, you belong here because it liberates you! Jim sits on Riderwood s board of directors and is very active in the community. Of our 23 moves, this one has been the best. Quality of life has increased since moving here for me, my wife, and our dog! Shirley, aka Miss January in the community s Calendar Girls project, continued working as a real estate agent for four years after she moved to Riderwood. I have a saying: TNT Today Not Tomorrow, she tells attendees. Don t put this move off, because it really is the best decision you could make. Everything, outside of your telephone (cell and landline) and Internet costs, is included in your monthly package. If your toilet is stopped up, you won t be charged by a plumber. If your light fixtures need repair, you won t be charged by an electrician. The only thing you have to ask yourself is: What am I waiting for?

Burdens be gone

During the expo, McMahon offered downsizing tips like fill one bag per week for donation; start small with non-emotional spaces, like a linen closet; use the good stuff, like china; don t hang on to the what-ifs. In other words, McMahon says, If you have to give justification to why you re keeping it, it s time to let it go. Schoeberlein also offered advice on moving to the community before selling your house. Make sure to catch Riderwood s next home expo in spring 2013. To learn more about Riderwood s maintenance-free lifestyle, call 1-800-591-7048.