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Active homecoming at Linden Ponds

Move from Belgium no obstacle for former teacher

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November 20th, 2012

Like others making the move to Linden Ponds, Judy Fockenier faced a life-changing decision and the prospect of packing up a home of many years to resettle among new neighbors. But unlike most, Judy s decision followed more than four decades on foreign soil and a leap across continents. Nonetheless, Judy landed back in her homeland from Belgium on two firmly planted feet. I love it, it s wonderful, she says of Linden Ponds, Erickson Living s community in Hingham, Mass. I was very sure of my decision because I had come to visit Linden Ponds a couple of times. During those overnight stays in one of the community s guest suites, Judy formed an opinion of the community, where several of her friends also live. I was really impressed with the atmosphere, the different interests, the diverse [people].

Easy adjustment

Originally from Boulder, Colo., Judy left her job at Fortune magazine in New York City to live and travel in Europe for six months, during which time she met her future husband, a Belgian. They married and moved to Belgium, where they had two children, and Judy taught English for eight years. She embraced the culture and life in the country but began to consider a move back to the U.S. after her husband s death. Upon visiting Linden Ponds for the first time, Judy says, My first reaction was it was huge and I d be lost. But when I came in the gate I realized the infrastructure was complex but offered many opportunities. There s a lot below the surface that has made it very interesting and very worthwhile. She chose a two-bedroom, Kingston-style apartment home with a balcony. With help from her daughter in Belgium and her son in Canada at various points in the process, Judy and her dog Rascal made the move last October. It wasn t hard to get adjusted at all, she says.

New adventure

When she had unpacked all of her boxes, Judy quickly got involved. She joined the Linden Ponds Singers; enrolled in Lifelong Learning courses; and began attending sculpture, watercolor painting, and portrait workshop classes. She coordinated a successful summer art show in the Linden Ponds Art Gallery, displaying artwork owned and created by Linden Ponds residents. This fall, just one year after her move to Linden Ponds, she was elected to the community s resident advisory council (RAC), which liaises between residents and staff. I also feel energized being back in the States and at Linden Ponds with its interesting, talented, and dynamic community, and I would like to contribute to continuing the quality of life here in the dialogue and cooperation between the residents and the administration, she wrote in a flyer for her RAC campaign. As the liaison to resident life, her role requires important communication with the department responsible for Linden Ponds social services, home support, fitness center, TV studio, volunteer services, and pastoral ministries, among other services. I think it will be a discovery, and I just want to see what we can do with it, she said shortly after being elected to her three-year term. She adds of Linden Ponds: It s a great way to start a third life.