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One for the record books

Demand for Ashby Ponds continues to grow

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November 20th, 2012

As Ashby Ponds most exciting year to date, 2012 witnessed the opening of Red Robin View, the community s newest residence building, and the beginning of construction on the new continuing care neighborhood, scheduled to open in 2013. Our success this year is a huge testimony to everyone, both residents and staff, for working together to make Ashby Ponds a happy place to live and work, says Holly Henderson, director of sales at Ashby Ponds. That message is spreading like wildfire. When Red Robin View opened this past spring, it sold out in a mere four months. Of all the Erickson Living communities, Ashby Ponds draws from the highest demographic radius, says Henderson. We are finding that more and more people are moving to Ashby Ponds from all over the country. Loudoun County, where Ashby Ponds is located, is the fastest growing county in the country, and we see that in our remarkable growth. Since January, when Henderson came to Ashby Ponds, 146 people have moved to the community and 149 people have joined the priority list. The community, which just two years ago boasted 500 residents, is now home to more than 700.

Priority privileges

As demand grows for the Ashby Ponds lifestyle, Henderson makes one important suggestion. Join the priority list, she says. It s not only the best way to ensure a home at Ashby Ponds, but it also means you ll be among the first to learn about our community s future plans. For a $1,000 refundable deposit and a one-time $150 application fee, priority list members enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing a highly sought-after apartment home while removing all the stress and worries that come with retirement what-ifs. In addition, priority list members are invited to special members-only events that provide an up-close-and-personal look at daily community life. I learned a lot about Erickson Living and Ashby Ponds while attending special gatherings while on the priority list, says community member Joan Foote. I knew even before I moved in that Ashby Ponds was where I belonged. In fact, my daughter is currently on the Ashby Ponds priority list, although she has several years to go. Priority list members must wait until their 62nd birthday before they can move in.

Happy New Year

With the priority list growing every day, Henderson is eager to help as many people as possible make Ashby Ponds their new home. Our mantra for 2012 was the phrase All in! she says. And that s exactly what we were. Every single person on my team did their part to help strengthen this community. I m so excited for what the future holds at Ashby Ponds. Demand is high, and we are constantly evaluating the need to grow to meet that demand. Over the last year, we ve welcomed hundreds of visitors to our campus to see firsthand what we are all about, Henderson adds. We will continue that trend in 2013. Our January schedule is already filling up with events, including a downsizing seminar. It s just the beginning of what I believe will be our best year yet.