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Staying on your feet

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November 20th, 2012

When we think about which parts of our body are most important, we rarely think of our feet. We are much more likely to consider the heart or the brain, yet our feet are the body s foundation. We count on them each and every day to get us around, and they typically require little from us in the form of care. But maintenance of good foot health and prevention of foot injury and illness are important to our well-being. For instance, maintaining and taking care of your feet helps prevent falls. In one Australian study of 305 seniors with foot pain, a podiatry program, including treatment, exercise, and footwear adjustments reduced the risk of falling by 36%. Just wearing shoes reduces your risk of falling eleven-fold compared to walking barefoot or in your socks! Foot pain, toe limitations, and weakness also increase your risk of falls, so good podiatric care and exercise for feet and ankles are of high value.

The right shoes

Having the right footwear also plays a vital role in maintaining good foot health, especially as we age and are more likely to have toe deformities and foot discomfort. Wearing an anti-slip shoe in icy conditions will reduce your risk of falling, and, of course, the right shoe will help you walk without pain or injury. The good news is that good foot health is achievable and podiatrists can help you with all your foot care needs. If you are experiencing foot pain or you just have questions about your shoes or how to cut your toenails, please consider a visit to a podiatrist. Having healthy feet will help you stay healthy all over!