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Custom creation

Make your home your own

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December 25th, 2012

Kay and Don Wise had an opportunity many only dream of. When they moved into their new apartment at . target="_blank">Riderwood, an Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, Md., they had the chance to custom design and decorate their home without paying an arm and a leg.

Personalized space

They utilized Custom Interiors, Riderwood s complimentary service where certified aging in place specialists help Riderwood community members customize their apartment homes. Our main goal is to help residents personalize their space, says Nicole Newberry, custom interiors coordinator. The biggest challenge for residents is to make themselves feel comfortable. Most residents have either moved from a much larger space or one they lived in for multiple decades. We help by either making their new space as much like their former home as possible or by giving them an opportunity to do something new and uniquely different. Not only do we customize apartments to match people s personalities, but we can also customize the space to meet residents unique physical needs. Whether it s through flooring or even appliance needs like walk-in showers those are the little things that help people feel functional in their own home, says Alexis Thompson, custom interiors coordinator.

Custom kitchen

Kay and Don worked with Thompson to customize their new combo-unit apartment home to fit their needs. They installed hardwood floors to showcase Kay s oriental rugs. They also built a half-wall between the living room and den to create a more open floor plan. The new layout allows more natural light into the kitchen, a space where Kay spends much of her time because she loves to cook. To further customize the kitchen, she opted for deeper 20-inch shelves in the pantry, as well as a special electrical outlet in one of the closets to house a wine refrigerator. Thompson and Kay also enhanced the pantry shelving. In addition, Riderwood maintenance technicians hung the couple s five antique light fixtures as well as an antique gun and Kay s grandfather s sleigh bells. Everything [aside from the customized electrical work] was done for us before we moved in. It felt so good to be able to make our new home fit our needs, Kay says.