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Fit and fabulous at any age

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December 25th, 2012

At Ann s Choice, Erickson Living s community in Bucks County, Pa., neighbors get together at venues across the campus. Besides the restaurants and living rooms in the community s three clubhouses, another popular spot is the Ann s Choice fitness and aquatics center in Village Clubhouse. Membership, which is free to residents, includes an initial fitness assessment, two workout appointments, and unlimited visits. The center is staffed from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, but is available to members 24 hours a day. People come at their convenience, including early-morning regulars who swim in the all-season pool or use the state-of-the-art fitness machines before breakfast. They log their visits and receive special recognition for reaching certain milestones. A number of residents have logged 1,000 visits, and two have passed the 2,000 mark. It s a fun place to be, says Fitness Specialist Beth Muller. With members coming in and going out, there s a lot happening. People often tell me they come for the social aspect as well as for fitness. Whether they work independently or with a trainer, members gain from the sense of community and the expert advice of the staff, all of whom are certified personal trainers, Muller says. The center also offers free resident-led classes, fee-based instructor-led classes such as yoga and water aerobics, and nominally priced personal training. Folks can even maintain their fitness in the comfort of their apartment homes. Two fitness center exercise videos play daily on the community s in-house TV station. One focuses on stretching, the other on strength training with resistance bands.

Resident-trainer relationships

Since she moved from Richboro six years ago, Vivian Spector has trained three days a week with Fitness Specialist John McIntyre. As a Weight Watchers employee, I have a busy schedule, Vivian says, but when I have an appointment with John, I can t wait to come here. He encourages me to go to my full capacity, and he always has a new variation of an exercise to keep things interesting. Vivian says the sessions not only tone her body, they keep her stress-free throughout busy workdays. McIntyre also trains Marie Alley. She started with him following rehab for a fractured femur. I have strong legs but poor balance, and I never thought I could do anything, she says. John has taken me from nothing to leg-pressing 275 pounds. I feel invigorated after the workouts. She also enjoys the camaraderie with staff members. They re like friends, she says. We love them. And they love us, says Marie s neighbor Deanna Dvorak. Deanna, who s from Bensalem, trains twice a week with Muller and works two more days on her own. Beth is so happy when I ve been here those other days, she says. She inspires me to be the best I can, and I want to please her. I feel like I m almost a part of her family. Deanna s also thrilled that, thanks to her training, she s not just healthier but 40 pounds lighter.