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Letters to the editor

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December 25th, 2012
Letters to the editor

“What engineers have given us”

December 2012 issue

A rewarding profession

Your focus on the contributions of engineers is very much appreciated at Lawrence Technological University and our College of Engineering. I would like to share this article with other faculty members and students. The contributions of engineers to society need to be recognized. We have a great shortage of engineers in the United States. Young people should consider the engineering profession as an excellent career choice.

—Don Reimer College of Engineering Lawrence Technological University Detroit, MI

“Money matters: Are time shares worth your time?” December 2012 issue

I can help with time share questions, concerns

As president of the National Timeshare Owners Association, I felt I should respond. Since we have hundreds of members throughout the country who live at Erickson Living communities, including myself, I wanted to be included as someone you can turn to for help with your time share frustrations. Our motto for the past 18 years has been “Educated and Informed Owners = Happy Owners” with consumer protection.

Please check out our website or call 410-536-0064.

Our third annual Mid-Atlantic educational conference will take place at Charlestown’s John Erickson Conference Center in Catonsville, Md., in April 2013.

—Ed Hastry, Catonsville, MD

“Living faith: In everything, give thanks” November 2012 issue

My growing list of blessings

A thousand thanks for your article about being grateful for our daily things in life. I decided to do my list of blessings. I already have 231 items on my list—my family, friends, health, pets, work—and many more like every organ in my body, my bread machine, Clorox wipes, my computer skills, the freedom in this country…the list will grow more.

Like you said, the list helps us to recognize that we are very rich mentally, physically, and spiritually. I wonder what would happen if all Americans did the list? How about the world?

—Maria L., email