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Breaking down downsizing

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January 22nd, 2013

Downsizing. The mere thought can put a damper on your day. But members of the priority list at Seabrook, the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., have a trick up their sleeve. Monthly Lunch with Laurie downsizing workshops break down the downsizing process to help ease the burden mentally, physically, and financially.

Six months of suggestions

The purpose of these workshops is to help people get started earlier rather than later to ease the stress in the end, says Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson, who leads the workshops. It also helps financially because they don t have to hire someone to do it for them. Monthly for six months, Williamson focuses on a specific area of the house. Lunch with Laurie began in December with a focus on closets. January focused on kitchens, and February will tackle the garage and attic. After six months, the topics will cycle back around. Priority list members people who have reserved a place in line for the apartment home of their choice at Seabrook receive complimentary benefits such as these downsizing workshops. I suggest coming to a workshop as soon as you join the priority list because at that point you are saying, Seabrook may be in my future, and you want to be prepared, Williamson says. Additionally, she says, Priority list members can participate in any of the events I put together. Those events include a twice-yearly Erickson Realty and Moving Services home expo, a staging presentation, and complimentary home visits by Williamson. During her home visits, Williamson helps future Seabrook residents choose a reliable real estate agent, a moving company, and what furniture to bring with them to their new home. She can also assist with staging a house for sale and the downsizing process.

Significant savings

People pay hundreds of dollars and tons of time downsizing. With my help and tips, we can take a bite out of that burden. We [the sales team at Seabrook] do everything we can to make the moving process easier, Williamson says. Aside from saving people money from hiring a professional downsizer, Seabrook reimburses new residents up to $2,000 of their moving costs when they use a Seabrook-preferred real estate agent recommended by Williamson.

Closet cleaning tips

Cleaning out your closet can take you on a trip down memory lane. But don t get lost in old prom dresses, suits that haven t fit in five years, or your collection of Christmas sweaters. Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson reminds her clients of the 80-20 rule: 80% of the time, we only wear 20% of what we have, she says. Follow these tips to easily determine what to keep and what to toss. 1. When downsizing your closet, turn all your hangers in the same direction. When you wear an item of clothing, turn that hanger around so you can see what items you actually wear on a regular basis. Then get rid of those items you rarely or never wear. 2. Downsizing doesn t always happen in a day. When closet cleaning, work from one end of your closet to the other. Place a colored hanger where you stop so you know where to start again the next day. 3. If you know you haven t worn an item in at least two years, get rid of it. 4. If an item has sentimental value but hasn t fit in several years, repurpose it, such as using the material for a quilt. 5. Don t count on outdated styles coming back.