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No stone left unturned

Virginia man accesses realty program for seamless move

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January 22nd, 2013

I attended many functions at Ashby Ponds prior to my March 2012 move, says Rudolph Kimiecik. If a resource was offered to help make my move an easy one, I used it. Believe me, I was not disappointed. Prior to moving to the Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va., Rudolph spent more than 40 years raising three children in his single family home in Sterling, Va. My wife and I were the original owners, he says. But when she passed away, I found that I no longer wanted to be in the house alone. I had heard about Ashby Ponds so I came and checked it out. I liked what I saw and reserved a home in Red Robin View, the newest residence building. Shortly after making the decision to move, Rudolph met Ashby Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey. She visited him in his home and the two worked on the details of his transition from selecting a real estate agent to packing and moving.

Expert team at his disposal

Everything came out just as we planned, says Rudolph. First, Elizabeth also put me in touch with a recommended real estate agent who was simply wonderful. She had buyers waiting in line. My house went on the market on Friday and we had numerous offers on Sunday. With the sale of his house under way, Rudolph worked with the moving company McCumiskey suggested. They had me packed and unpacked in no time, he says. When I first walked into my apartment on move-in day, the beds were made and pictures were hung on the walls. It was a seamless move. Now approaching his first anniversary at Ashby Ponds, Rudolph couldn t be happier. The people, both residents and staff, are very friendly, he says. I ve made some wonderful new friends and even reconnected with a friend who grew up in the village near me in upstate New York. Moving to Ashby Ponds was a wonderful decision. I am grateful for all the resources that were made available to me and I recommend all of them. In fact, I am now a resident ambassador. It s my hope that others will be as happy at Ashby Ponds as I am.