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A treat for Valentine’s Day

Greenspring residents skip the chocolate for crown molding

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January 22nd, 2013

Forget the chocolates and candy hearts this year. Neighbors at Greenspring, Erickson Living s community in Springfield, Va., are splurging on something truly unique a custom facelift for their apartment homes. According to Danielle Shaurette, Greenspring s custom interiors coordinator, The sky s the limit when it comes to customizing your living space. If you can think of it, we can find a way to make it happen. Shaurette helps both current and incoming residents make their personal mark on their already state-of-the-art homes. At the beginning of every project, she meets with residents to fully explore their wishes. It is really important to understand exactly what our community members are looking for, she says. My job is to not only make that happen but to do so in a way that adheres to Erickson Living s high standards of safety and functionality.

Top requested upgrades

Each Greenspring apartment home is fully updated with fresh paint, new carpeting, and updated appliances prior to the arrival of a new community member. We put a lot of thought and effort into the little things that make a big difference, says Shaurette. Shower doors have reinforced walls for support, flooring is slip-resistant, and cabinets and drawers are installed with soft pull outs to prevent slamming. In addition to the extensive list of standard upgrades, Shaurette offers community members the opportunity to personalize their home. The most often requested upgrades include crown molding; custom paint and carpeting; window treatments; hardwood flooring; and custom built-in bookcases, shelving, and entertainment centers. We have a great list of respected contractors who provide quality work and are able to get the jobs done quickly, says Shaurette. Our goal is to provide renovations that will last for years. We don t want anyone to have to improve upon the work in five years.

Turning over a new leaf

While most people Shaurette works with are in the process of moving to Greenspring, as many as 40% of her clients are current residents. Last year, Sara McCorkle, who has lived at Greenspring for more than ten years, approached Danielle in the hopes of refreshing her Wellington-style apartment home. I first met with Danielle [Shaurette] when I needed some help hanging a few paintings on my walls, says Sara. She helped me decide where they should go. She was a great listener, and I love what we came up with. Impressed, Sara s daughter encouraged her mother to enlist Shaurette s help for additional work in her home. We decided to move step-by-step through each room in her home to make a variety of upgrades, says Shaurette. Our biggest project was the office. We installed shelving, new blinds, and carpet. Sara and her family were involved throughout the entire process. There was a lot to do, and Danielle was there every step of the way, says Sara. She always had good advice and was extremely understanding, kind, and helpful.

Unique demands

While many of Sara s requests involved the most frequently sought-after upgrades, other community members meet with Shaurette in hopes that she ll help them with more unusual renovations. Prior to their January 2013 move to Greenspring, Parks and Micheline Shipley met with Shaurette hoping to customize their new Manchester-style apartment home in a way that would make it more comfortable for 6-foot-9-inch-tall Parks. It was the perfect example of what I m always saying, says Shaurette. If we haven t done it before, it s simply because we haven t been asked yet. All of the doorways in the Shipley s home were cut with an archway to ensure that Parks would not have to bend down to get through. New vanities were installed and placed higher on the wall to provide more comfort, and the shower doors were replaced with taller ones. The Shipleys also requested some more traditional upgrades, including hardwood flooring and custom carpet. Danielle never flinched at any of our requests, says Parks. She was accommodating and helpful and always provided us with good choices. She kept us up to date on every step of the renovation process.

A place to call home

It is important to me that every person I work with feels like their apartment is truly their home, says Shaurette. According to the many people she s worked with, Shaurette is at the top of her game. Working with Danielle, I really had a sense that she understood what would please me and my family, says Sara. The work that she does is not cookie cutter. She s not doing it to get the job done. Rather, she gets to know you and your style and tastes. The results are wonderful. I couldn t be happier.