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Choices, choices!

Make your new apartment home your dream home

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March 26th, 2013

Personal Moving Consultant If you re a fan of HGTV like I am, you know how many creative and affordable ideas there are to create the spaces you live in just like you want them to be! I ve gathered several of these ideas for turning your apartment home into your dream home:

Create curves

Add a touch of fun to your apartment home by creating some curves: Round tables, chairs with a curve, and rugs that are either in shapes or patterned with shapes like spirals and dots.

Add a touch of drama

Create a more comfortable feel with curtains, and consider what you can do with curtains to make your space feel even larger. For example, hang them outside the window area from floor to ceiling to create height or have them flow from a cornice to hide the curtain rod.

Add layers

Layers and an elegant mix of colors, prints, and pillows can make a space lighter and airier. The layered look also exudes luxury.

Fit the space and yourself

It s all about scale. Unless you re trying to make a statement with a dramatic, overstuffed couch in the room, your space will probably feel better with moderately sized or even slightly smaller furniture.

Keep your space open

Chairs and tables with glass tops all give the impression of openness while still delivering the function you need.

Pop it in or out of sight

A timeless solution for overnight guests has come back into style for good reason: today s hide-a-beds come in many shapes and sizes, from club chairs and futons to love seats and queen-size. They look great and can be quickly transformed into a comfortable sleeping space.

Add light

Lights up and down and all around have the most amazing way of making a home feel warm and welcoming. Using several lamps throughout a space creates a warm glow in any room.

Prioritize your home

Evaluate the spaces in your apartment home and determine your priorities. Some people prefer a desk and work area instead of a dining area. Others want an additional living area and would prefer a bed that folds up. Make your space accommodate your needs and personality.

Create floating shelves

Mount floating shelves wherever there is space, for example, in a bath area for wall storage. Because they float, this kind of shelving adds tons of storage but looks sleek and contemporary.