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Family man comes home to Colorado

New continuing care administrator settles in at Highlands Ranch community

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March 26th, 2013

Jeffrey Richardson is a family man, and now that he s accepted the job as administrator of Wind Crest s new continuing care neighborhood, Mill Vista Lodge, he s looking forward to expanding his family that much more. In fact, family brought him back to Highlands Ranch, Colo., in the first place.

A family affair

When Richardson, his wife, and their two daughters returned home to Texas from a Colorado vacation, his girls said to him, We want to go back. At first he thought they meant they wanted to go back to their vacation, but they soon clarified that they wanted to live in the Rocky Mountains. Richardson was delighted. He has worked in the health care industry since 1997, where he started his career in Boulder. He missed the state, so it didn t take much to twist my arm, he says. But first, the Richardsons had to sell their Texas home. Second, he had to find a job in line with both his personality and his core beliefs, which focus on offering resident-centered care, expanding cultural change, and establishing a loving home. Things quickly began to fall into place. The day he called his real estate agent to tell him he was interested in listing the house, the agent asked if they could be out of the house in 15 minutes because he had a couple who had been looking in the area. When the Richardsons returned home, they already had an offer on the house. Soon after, he learned that Erickson Living, a company whose mission matched his values, also happened to have a location in Colorado Wind Crest. When Richardson began looking at Wind Crest, he discovered that the mentor who had first hired him 17 years ago, Kathy Dilger, was the community s associate executive director. He reached out to her, and she told him about the position for the new continuing care neighborhood. With his extensive experience in health care housekeeping and administration, as well as his character and commitment to resident care, he got the job.

Growing his vision, expanding his family

Since he started at Wind Crest, he has been busy getting the continuing care neighborhood ready to open. But this isn t the first time Richardson has helped launch a community. In fact, it s the third. The first, in Sioux Falls, S. Dak., opened in 2005. The second, opened in Lubbock, Tex., in 2009. It s both challenging and exciting, Richardson says, because he gets to set the standard. And he has a very high standard for both himself and his staff. You feel like such a professional, he laughs, and then you start a new job, and you feel like you don t know anything. Though he jokes, Richardson says he s learning something new every day about the community, about the company, about how he wants the residents to engage in the new continuing care neighborhood. His ultimate goal is to provide a home where people feel welcomed and can enjoy an exceptional experience every day. And speaking of home, Richardson says he feels like that s where he s arrived. The familiar and beloved landscape, the mission of Erickson Living it all fits him like a custom-tailored suit, one where he can easily move, breathe, and grow. And he looks forward to sharing this environment with the people who live and work at Wind Crest.