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Get your priorities straight

When considering retirement living options, the priority list can help

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March 26th, 2013

Have you been wanting to learn more about living at Fox Run, the Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich.? Maybe you ve driven by the community and wondered what goes on behind the gates. Or perhaps you have friends who live at Fox Run and want to figure out if moving there could be right for you. Residents and staff say that the best way to become more familiar with Fox Run is to join the community s priority list. What s the priority list, you ask? We caught up with Sales Director Fred Moschetta, who answered the most frequently asked questions about Fox Run s priority list. Here s what he had to say. Q What is the priority ' list and why should I join it? A: The priority list is very important because it allows Fox Run to manage when prospective residents want to move and to which apartment home they want to move to. We manage our priority list based on the date you join. When you join, you ll receive a special priority date. This gives you preference over everyone who joins after you, so you can secure your favorite apartment home when the time comes. And, if you decide to retire in a different city or state, your priority list date is also transferable between other Erickson Living communities. Since Fox Run is 98% sold out, joining the priority list is the best way to increase your chances of getting the apartment home you want when you want it. We have more than 500 priority list members who all want to move to Fox Run at different times or years and who have preferences from among our 40 different floor plans. Many of our priority list members are still working, and they are planning ahead for their future retirements. Q What perks do priority list members get that other people don t have access to? A: Priority list members enjoy a variety of special events planned just for them on the campus of Fox Run. Some of these events help with downsizing advice or real estate tips, including education on new trends in the real estate market. Membership also includes a free in-home assessment for downsizing with Fox Run Personal Moving Consultant Mary Wolfe. Mary has used her real estate experience to help more than 500 people sell their homes and move to Fox Run. Priority list members do receive invitations to special trips planned by the Fox Run travel club and a variety of other fine art events and community parties. Q How will being a member of the priority list help me decide whether I want to move to Fox Run? A: Being on the priority list gives members first-hand exposure to the Fox Run community. You ll not only have the opportunity to be on campus for events and social activities, but you ll have frequent opportunities to meet people who will be your future neighbors and learn from them about the best lifestyle for retirees in the Detroit area. Priority list members can also take advantage of the opportunity to stay on campus for a couple of nights in one of our guest suites to truly experience the lifestyle at Fox Run. During their complimentary stay at Fox Run, prospective community members can participate in the many clubs and activities on campus while enjoying the company of current residents and sampling the delicious food at the community s four on-site restaurants. This exclusive program gives priority list members a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live at Fox Run before they make the decision to move to the community. Q What is the financial obligation to join the priority list? A: Priority list membership requires a refundable $1,000 deposit and a one-time, non-refundable $150 application fee per household. The $1,000 deposit is applied to your refundable entrance deposit (the cost of the apartment) when you reserve your home at Fox Run. If someone chooses to cancel his or her priority list membership, the $1,000 deposit is refundable with interest. (See the Residence and Care Agreement for details.) Q I want to learn more about living at Fox Run. What should I do to join the priority list? A: Make an appointment with Fox Run Sales Counselor Carolyn Ives, so when you do join the priority list, she can start managing your priorities of when you want to move and your floor plan of choice. Carolyn is our true campus expert. She has more than 12 years of experience in helping people move to the community. Call 1-800-578-1829 to schedule an appointment with Carolyn today.