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Get your priorities straight

When considering retirement living options, the priority list is a must

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March 26th, 2013

Have you been wanting to learn more about living at Tallgrass Creek? Maybe you ve driven by the Erickson Living community in Overland Park, Kans., and wondered what goes on behind the gates. Or, perhaps you have friends who live at Tallgrass Creek and want to figure out if moving there could be right for you. Residents and staff say that the best way to become more familiar with Tallgrass Creek is to join the community s priority list. What s the priority list, you ask? We caught up with Sales Counselor Judy Baxter, who answered the most frequently asked questions about Tallgrass Creek s priority list. Here s what she had to say: Q What is Tallgrass Creek s priority list, and why should I join it? A: The priority list is a terrific planning tool and is actually a waiting list of prospective residents. These individuals have decided that Tallgrass Creek is the place where they want to move when the time is right. The priority list is a great way to identify floor plan preferences and have the best choices available to you when you do decide to move. When you join, you ll receive a special priority date. This gives you preference over everyone who joins after you, so you can secure your favorite apartment home when the time comes. And, if you decide to retire in a different city or state, your priority list date is also transferable between other Erickson Living communities. With Tallgrass Creek at 98% occupancy, joining the priority list is the best way to increase your chances of getting the apartment home you want when you want it. Q What perks do members of the priority list get that other people don t have access to? A: One of the best perks is that, as a priority list member, you receive invitations to exclusive events, seminars, and parties. You also receive special mailings regarding development and construction, pricing, and other announcements about Tallgrass Creek. In general, being a member of the priority list gives you the opportunity to get better acquainted with the community, including both the residents who live there and the many activities that take place on campus. We also have a program called Experience the Life, in which priority list members can stay for several nights in Tallgrass Creek s guest room. During their complimentary stay, prospective community members can participate in the many clubs and activities on campus while enjoying the company of their future neighbors. This exclusive program gives priority list members a unique opportunity to truly experience what it s like to live at Tallgrass Creek before they make the decision to move to the community. Q How will being a priority list member help me decide whether I want to move to Tallgrass Creek? A: Through the years, we ve found that, for many people, joining the priority list was an easy first step in their decision of whether or not to move to Tallgrass Creek because it gives you many opportunities to visit the community and get to know residents and staff. Additionally, priority list members may schedule a home visit with me. During this home visit, I can provide referrals of professionals like real estate agents and estate sale companies to help with the downsizing and real estate process. Oftentimes, this home visit provides a road map and specific plan for what your actual move may look like. From experience, Tallgrass Creek residents usually say the moving process wasn t nearly as difficult as they thought it would be because they can rely on our professional support. Just let us help! Q What does it cost to join the priority list? A: The only financial obligation to join the priority list is a $150 non-refundable per person processing fee and a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. Members say the priority list is a great low-cost way to try out everything Tallgrass Creek has to offer. Q I want to learn more about living at Tallgrass Creek! What should I do to join the priority list? A: If you re interested in joining the priority list, just schedule an appointment with me by calling 1-800-620-9776. I can discuss the priority list in greater detail and address any questions you may have.