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Living large

One-bedroom home a perfect fit for Terry Cooke

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March 26th, 2013

Terry Cooke moved from her three-bedroom townhouse in North Wales, Pa., to Ann s Choice, Erickson Living s community in Bucks County, because she had children and grandchildren nearby, she wanted an active lifestyle, and she d had enough of homeowner responsibilities. Now she lives maintenance-free in a lovely one-bedroom, Brighton-style apartment home whose signature feature is a deep bay window in its great room.

Frank Lloyd Wright at home at Ann s Choice

Besides enlarging the room and filling it with light, the bay has proved the perfect place for Terry to showcase her custom-made Frank Lloyd Wright-style sideboard. Because Terry was a member of the Ann s Choice esteemed priority list, she received Personal Moving Consultant Colleen Rosica s complimentary services for each step of her move. Joining the list also gave her the right of first refusal on an available apartment home based on her priority list date. Colleen told me exactly what would fit in my floor plan, Terry says. That made downsizing easy, and she brought to her new home everything she really cared about. And she made an important decision. She contracted with the Ann s Choice custom interiors department, conveniently located on campus, to build a functional, attractive window-seat-and-bookcase unit in her bedroom. That unit has made the Brighton floor plan perfect for her, says Terry. All my family pictures, yearbooks, and other important items are right here. In fact, there s nothing far away here.

Active and acquainted

Choosing an apartment home that doesn t have wasted or unused space has let her lead a life that s large and full. Her children claim she s never home when they call. Well, she says, I like to try new things. Terry has joined the Rock n Rollers, a group that loves 1960-era music and gathers on campus for monthly dinners. A former nurse, she s joined the nurses group. She s assistant producer for Ann s Choice Players April musical and belongs to the Ann s Choice resident activity website group. A veteran of two knee replacements, every evening, Terry joins friends to walk the .6-mile circuit through the community s three campus neighborhoods. Interior hallways and glass-enclosed bridges connect every building, so they never worry about weather. And having a one-level home makes all the difference in the world. She visits the campus fitness and aquatics center nearly every day for workouts or water aerobics classes. The center is open to residents 24/7. I have arthritis, Terry says. You can t beat water aerobics for that. And I really like the camaraderie of the class. It s a great way to meet people.

Perfect port in any storm

When Hurricane Irene barreled through in August 2011, it marked the second and last time that Terry Cooke coped with roof problems from heavy rain. Since she moved to Ann s Choice last July, she s stopped worrying about the weather. She took superstorm Sandy in stride last October. It wasn t my problem, she says; Ann s Choice s general services and security departments expertly shouldered that load. In fact, life at the community went on as usual. Ann s Choice was an island of light and heat within a darkened Bucks County.